Wildlife accidents and the consequences

ANSBACH, Germany (Nov. 25, 2020) – Wildlife accidents in Germany make up about 5% of automotive accidents in Germany. According to the Deutscher Jagdverband (German Hunting Association), more than a million wild animals are killed that way every year; most of the collisions happen with deer and wild boars.

Wildlife crosses roads mostly in the evening and early morning hours, often close to stretches of forests and fields. They do not understand the speed of a vehicle and will not wait for a car to pass before they try to cross the road.

Drivers should slow down or stop, when animals are spotted, and dim their headlights in order not to blind them; honking may help chase them off. Often the animals move in herds. Where there is one, there are probably more.

What do I do when a wild life accident happened?

  • Secure the scene of the accident (switch on the hazard lights, put on a neon warning vest before stepping on the road, set up the warning triangle).
  • Notify the police and, if necessary, the emergency services for medical care.
  • Do not touch injured or dead animals (this is the responsibility of the hunting tenant). The animals may not be removed from the scene of the accident, it is considered poaching.
  • Call the Military Police (MP) to report the accident. U.S. personnel driving on a USAREUR/AF license have to report any and all accidents. If the German Polizei do not come to the scene of accident, call the MP for assistance. Not calling police is considered a hit and run.
  • Take photos of the scene of the accident, animal and vehicle, and report to your insurance.
  • Obtain a wildlife accident certificate, which may be issued by the police, Forstmeister or hunting tenant. The certificate is needed later for the insurance claim.

To call German police off post in the Ansbach area, dial 0981-110, and 0981-112 in case of people in need of medical attention (Notarzt). The Ansbach Military Police can be reached at 09802-83-110 (DSN 110) for emergencies; call the MP desk sergeant at 09802-83-3855 (DSN 467-3855).

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