‘We Attack’ regiment welcomes new enlisted leader

Story by Philipp Keuchel

ANSBACH, Germany – The Regiment Commander Lt. Col. Abraham N. Osborn credited Palmer directly on the increase of the number of soldiers that make up the 5-4 ADAR, “From a small handful of soldiers who were present at the 5-4 when you and Lieutenant Colonel (Todd) Daniels arrived at the ‘We attack’ Battalion. To the unit now being comprised of 538 soldiers, NCOs and officers with several hundred family members.” Osborn said attributing the growth of the 5-4 ADAR directly to the work of Palmer.

Palmer was sure to thank fellow soldiers for his time spent in Germany, “For everyone else here and a few that have since departed I thank you for being part of our lives these past 32 months. My family and I are better people because of you and the experiences we got to share with you. I have enjoyed our time together and will always cherish the memory of it. Thank you.” Palmer said.

Command Sgt. Maj. Charles L. Robinson III said with enthusiasm “being part of the Army’s first M-SHORAD Stryker Battalion. It is truly an honor and something special, I look forward to this journey together.”

As the 5-4 ADAR make changes to their command, it is evident that the new leadership is ready to continue the mission and drive the unit towards success.

Palmer retires from the Army after serving for 25 years.

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