Water testing results: Nov. 22, 2016

The U.S. Army is absolutely committed to the health and safety of Soldiers, Family Members and the Civilian and contractor workforce. As a part of the Army’s effort to provide access to safe drinking water, the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) has tested water samples collected by residents in your Family Housing units for the presence of lead.

The Directorate of Public Works received the first round of water sample results for 28 occupied Army Family Housing units late Tuesday, Nov. 22. All 28 AFH units’ results fully comply with EPA and the German Final Governing Standards for water quality. This is further reinforced by the 34 water samples collected in September by Public Health Command in occupied Army Family Housing units, which were also all deemed safe and fit for consumption.

This means, the water tested in those 62 units is perfectly safe for consumption, drinking, cooking, etc. These individuals will be notified in writing with their individual test results when they are available.

As further test results are received, we will immediately notify each individual. Until you have been formally notified that your water results have been returned and your water is safe for consumption, we urge all individuals in the high-risk group to continue to utilize bottled water. The high-risk group includes expecting mothers and Families with children age six and under.

DPW is still collecting water samples. So far, only 128 AFH units, out of 288, have provided the required water samples to the DPW for analysis. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to assist us in getting their samples collected and turned into DPW so that everyone will be able to see the results for their homes. Water sample bottles are available at the Housing Office.

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