Was ist los in Franken? May 6, 2016

The outdoor museum in Bad Windsheim is hosting a historical fun fair. (Photo: Fr. Freilandmuseum)

The outdoor museum in Bad Windsheim is hosting a historical fun fair. (Photo: Fr. Freilandmuseum)

ANSBACH, Germany (May 4, 2016) – “Was ist los in Franken?” details off-post community events and activities occurring throughout Lower, Upper and Middle Franconia.

“Sommer in der City” – Beach feeling in Nürnberg
The Nürnberg city beach is now open  on Insel Schütt (near Cinecitta movie theater). Enjoy folding beach chairs, cocktails and music, palm trees and a pool bar from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, all the way to July 24. To learn more, go to Sommer in der City

Historical Fun Fair at Bad Windsheim Museum
A historical fair with a flee circus, a fortune teller, a fakir and a historical carousel takes place at the Fränkische Freilandmuseum in Bad Windsheim May 5 through 8. On Sunday the traditional Kirchweih tree will be put up at 1:30 p.m. To learn more, visit Museum Fair

German Holiday – Vatertag
May 5 marks a German holiday, Christi Himmelfahrt or Christ’s Ascension Day. As always, stores and businesses will remain closed. It is also the German Father’s Day, often celebrated with traditional outings of groups of men hiking the country side while pulling a hand-cart loaded with cold beverages. Germans like to take off the following Friday as a “Brückentag” (bridging day) and enjoy an extended weekend. This may lead to increased traffic on the Autobahn.

Blaue Nacht in Nürnberg
The “Blaue Nacht” (Blue Night) in Nürnberg takes place Saturday May 7 starting at 7 p.m. It is a night filled with special events, artistic displays and, of course, blue lights everywhere. Tickets can be purchased as single tickets or “five-friends” tickets; they also allow free use of public transportation within the VGN region (Ansbach included). For a detailed program and more information on how to use the ticket for transportation, check Blue Night

Red Cross Day in Ansbach
The Ansbach Red Cross hosts an open house on Sunday, May 8, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Henry-Dunant-Str. 10.  Lots of activities will keep the visitors busy, there will be rescue dogs, information about swim classes and other services offered, as well as an opportunity to take a closer look at rescue vehicles. To learn more, visit  Rotkreuztag Ansbach.

Bergkirchweih in Erlangen
Known to anybody in and around Erlangen as “Der Berg,” the Bergkirchweih attracts about a million visitors each year.  The site of the fest is located by the storage cellars of the old beer breweries; tables and benches are sitting in the shade of large chestnut trees, while rides keep the visitors busy. It is scheduled to take place May 12 through 23 along Bergstrasse. Public transportation is recommend, as parking nearby is almost impossible. To learn more, visit Bergkirchweih

Wine fest in Bamberg
The annual Bamberger Weinfest takes place May 12 through 16 on Maxplatz; Franconian vintners present their wines, food specialties and live music for five days. To learn more, visit Weinfest Bamberg

Flea Market in Nürnberg
Germany’s largest flea market, the Trempelmarkt in Nürnberg takes place twice a year; this spring it will take place on May 13 & 14; more than 4000 vendors are offering their junk and treasures on and around the Hauptmarkt on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Taking public transportation is recommended, since parking will be very limited.

Volksmarch Hiking Days
Volksmarches or “Internationale Wandertage” are a form of non-competitive physical fitness training, which takes the participants through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany. The walking distance varies from 5 to 10 or 20 kilometer routes on scenic trails through forests, along rivers and lakes or around historic sites. There is no set start time, but a window of time for hikers to start the route, and finish it at their own pace. Trails are typically marked well along the way. Many trails are stroller-friendly and provide great opportunity to explore the countryside. After the walk the local hiking clubs usually offer food and drink in a hall or tent, sometimes even at a half-way point. Avid hikers can get a hiking passport stamped each place they participate, and many clubs reward their visitors with a small token. To learn more about Volksmarches in Germany, visit DVV Wandern.

* May 7 and 8 in Bamberg: Distances are 6 and 11 kilometers. The event starts at Graf-Staufenberg-Schule, Kloster-Langheim-Str. 11, 96050 Bamberg, at 7 a.m. to noon. To learn more, visit Volksmarch Bamberg


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