Was ist los in Franken? June 16, 2017

Downtown Ansbach (Photo: James Albright)

ANSBACH, Germany (June 16, 2017) – “Was ist los in Franken?” details off-post community events and activities occurring throughout the Franconian region.

German holiday June 15
June marks a German holiday, Fronleichnam or Corpus Christi. It is often celebrated with a church procession through town.  As usual, stores and businesses off-post are closed and “quiet laws” apply (no loud noise, lawn-mowing etc.). Since Fronleichnam always falls on a Thursday, Germans like to take Friday off work and thus create an extended four-day weekend. Many communities plan special events and festivities for this time period.

Pfingstferien – School break in Bavaria ends this weekend
German children are going on school break until June 18; this is a popular vacation time and many travelers can be expected to flood the airports and Autobahns. Heavy car traveling days are expected especially for the weekends, and June 15 and 16, as Thursday is a German holiday and people use the long weekend for quick trips.

40 years Altstadtfest Ansbach
Ansbach’s downtown area turns into festival grounds for the popular Altstadtfest until June 18; tables and benches are set-up along the streets, live bands play, many different kinds of food and beverages are offered, and children have their own entertainment. Families can expect mixed entertainment on the Reitbahn, while a children’s flea market is planned for Saturday on Pfarrstrasse (starts at 8 a.m.). For program details check with the Ansbach Tourist Office AKuT on Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Platz 1 or go to Altstadtfest

Fränkisches Bierfest – Nürnberg
The city of Nürnberg and its historical family breweries are hosting the Franconian Beer Fest in the castle moat underneath the Kaiserburg (Auf der Burg 13)  until June 18. Visitors can sample more than 100 different kinds of beer in the romantic setting of the moat, as well as try some of the many Franconian food specialties offered. Live music entertainment, information booths and a children’s program make sure the whole family can have fun. The fest area can be reached via Hallertor, Tiergärtnertor or Maxtor. Opening hours are Wednesday, 5 – 11 p.m., Thursday, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday 2:30 – 11 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. To learn more about the festival, visit www.bierfest-franken.de

Arts and crafts in Ansbach
An arts and crafts market is hosted as part of the Ansbach Altstadtfest June 15 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Platz. Find out more at Arts and Crafts

Open shop Sunday in Ansbach
Ansbach hosts an open shop Sunday June 18 as part of the annual Altstadtfest. More than 250 stores will open their doors from 1 to 6 p.m. Find out more at Open shops Sunday

Grafflmarkt – Fürth
The Grafflmarkt in Fürth, a large flea market downtown, takes place June 23 and 24 between Gustavstrasse, Grüner Markt and Paisleyplatz. Opening times are Friday 4 – 10 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Rotarian Rowdy River Raft Race – Schweinfurt
The Rotarian Rowdy River Raft Race in Schweinfurt is a raft race with more than 60 participating teams. An entertainment program and culinary specialties keep visitors and participants happy. It takes place on Alter Kranen (Gutermann-Promenade, 97421 Schweinfurt) on June 25 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; admission is free. To learn more, visit Raftrace.

Volksfest in Rothenburg
The Rothenburger Volksfest  is scheduled for June 30 through July 5 at the Festplatz at Spitaltor (Am Friedrich-Hörner-Weg). Live music plays every evening in the fest tent; the fest is open daily from 1 p.m. to midnight. To learn more, visit Tourist Office Rothenburg

Norisring Race in Nürnberg
The speed weekend on June 30 through July 2 at the Norisring on Dutzendteich is a traditional car race event that was started as the “200 Miles of Nürnberg” in the 50s. Today more than 150,000 visitors enjoy watching the 2.3 kilometer city course along the Zeppelinfeld, which only takes about a minute to complete. Races include Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), the Porsche Cup, Formula-3 Euroseries and the VW Scirocco Cup. To learn more, go to Norisring.

Oldie-Town-Festival in Wolframs-Eschenbach
Petticoats, Grease and Rockabilly, old cars and rock and roll music populate the streets of Wolframs-Eschenbach on July 8 and 9, when the second Oldie Town festival takes place. Live bands will play on six stages, a historical old timer bus takes people for a ride and historical vehicles are on display. To learn more about the event, visit https://www.facebook.com/OldieTownWolframsEschenbach or www.oldietown.de

Volksmarch hiking days
Volksmarches or “Internationale Wandertage” are a form of non-competitive physical fitness training, which takes the participants through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany.  The walking distance varies from 5 to 10 or 20 kilometer routes on scenic trails through forests, along rivers and lakes or around historic sites. There is no set start time, but a window of time for hikers to start the route, and finish it at their own pace. Trails are typically marked well along the way. Many trails are stroller-friendly and provide great opportunity to explore the countryside. After the walk the local hiking clubs usually offer food and drink in a hall or tent, sometimes even at a half-way point. Avid hikers can get a hiking passport stamped each place they participate, and many clubs reward their visitors with a small token. To learn more about hiking in Germany, visit DVV Wandern.

Wandertag Markt Erlbach
A hiking day weekend is scheduled for June 17 and 18 in Markt Erlbach. Start a 6, 10 or 20 kilometer hike at the Festplatz (Frankenstraße 8, 91459 Markt Erlbach) from 6 a.m. to noon (6,10 km) and 6 to 11 a.m. (20 km)

Wandertag in Spalt
The hiking days in Spalt take you over 5, 10 or 15 kilometers distance July 1 and 2; start at Feuerwehrhaus (Industriestraße 16, 91174 Spalt) from 7 a.m. to noon both days.  To learn more, visit Wandertag Spalt

The information on local host nation events is provided through the auspices of the USAG Ansbach Public Affairs Office (PAO).  All details provided are for informational purposes only and are a representation of typical events conducted in the local community.  The PAO grants no element of exclusivity to any outside agency or business and any reference to commercial or retail activities implies no endorsement or recommendation by the U. S. Army or its agencies. Participation in any event or activity described herein is strictly voluntary and should be done so only after careful advisement and consideration of the safety and security environment at each specific location.

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