USAG Ansbach Plastic Free Month 2022

Join Directorate of Public Works effort for a plastic-free Garrison and review and reduce your individual plastic consumption!

We all use disposable plastic items such as bottles, bags and takeaway containers just a few minutes because it is so convenient. The major problem is, these items are made out of a material that is designed to last forever and they present a permanent pollution, as they do not decompose. Many types of plastic require centuries before they are completely degraded, in the meantime polluting the landscape and oceans, killing millions of animals and even making it into our food chain. Worldwide every year around ten million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans, which leads to the deaths of 100,000 marine mammals, and one million seabirds.

For this reason, USAG Ansbach is once again hosting a Plastic Free Month (PFM) in April. For the entire month, the Garrison is dedicated to minimizing the plastic used across all installations and also to educate and encourage people to be more aware of their personal plastic use. The major goal is to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, to replace them with other alternatives like paper bags or reusable cloth bags and in the long run to completely remove them in the Garrison. In anticipation of the event, you, your family and your friends can prepare. Get yourself reusable cups, straws and bottles made out of glass or stainless steel. Place reusable shopping bags in your car, or invest in a personal shopping basket so that no plastic bags need to be used in the Commissary, PX, or Shoppette.

Garrison’s environmental branch will keep you posted with tips for more fun ways to reduce your individual plastic consumption. For more information, follow the USAG Ansbach Community Facebook page.

As part of the Garrisons awareness efforts, DPW EMD has organized a field trip to the Solid Waste Recycling Facility in Markt Berolzheim on April 8 from 8:45 a.m. to noon. Interested community member may contact DPW EMD @ DSN 467-3424 / 3306 or Civilian 09802-83-3424 / 3306 to register. A bus with 16 available spots will take all participants to and from the recycling facility. The meeting point for the bus is in front of the MP station (Bldg. 5843A) in Katterbach at 8:45AM.

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