USAG Ansbach Directorate of Emergency Services provided support to off-post firefighters

Katterbach Army Airfield fire fighters Roland Haering, Armin Brinschwitz, Daniel Schlensog, Jonas Grossmueller, Daniel Soldner, David Ernst and Fire Chief Stefan Groetschel

ANSBACH, Germany (November 12, 2019) – The U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Ansbach Directorate of Emergency Services provided mutual aid support to off-post firefighters Nov. 7, following an explosion inside a residential home southwest of the Brücken-Center in Ansbach.

Fire Chief Stefan Groetschel plus six firefighters responded with one of the new structural pumpers and command vehicles to assist host nation fire departments around the community in extinguishing the blaze and conducting recovery operations.

Katterbach Army Airfield fire station was quick to respond to a call for help from the City / County dispatch, and ensured every asset was used to get help where it was needed, said Groetschel.

“For us, it is important to get to the site as quickly as possible because people’s lives depend on it,” Groetschel said. “We were pleased we could help out our host nation partners and be value-added to the community.” This partnership is very important because the USAG Ansbach Fire Service also receives quick and professional help from the surrounding Ansbach and Ansbach county fire departments.

USAG Ansbach and the Fire Fighter Training Center recently received three new fire trucks from Installation Management Command-Europe. It was one of the new trucks that responded to the incident. The new trucks are state of the art and more reliable to fill critical gaps and contribute to improved protection for our Soldiers, civilians, dependents and communities.

Training and cooperation is key, said Col. Steven M. Pierce, USAG Ansbach commander.

“Our strong relationships and recurring training with our host nation first responder partners enables this seamless integration of our assets,” Pierce said. “We are pleased to assist our local community in any way that we can.”

The new fire trucks are rescue pumpers and the universal first strike vehicle. They are equipped with a 3000 liter water tank, fire pump, thermal imaging camera, self-contained breathing apparatus and firefighting equipment to respond to structural fires with additional basic Emergency Medical Service equipment, and hazmat response and technical rescue.

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