U.S. Army Firefighters support volunteer colleagues

ANSBACH, Germany (June 2, 2019) — The Katterbach U.S. Army Airfield Fire
Department joined local volunteer colleagues of the Merkendorf Fire Station for a static display, at the outskirts of Merkendorf.

In addition to the “HME” Structure Fire Engine, U.S. Army Firefighters Patrick Noll and Michael Knetsch showed several hundred passers by, who attended a local trade show, the intricacies of the Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Vehicle nicknamed “Panther.” This truck was specifically developed to rapidly support aircraft fire emergencies.

For more photos of the event visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/usagansbachphotos/albums/72157709034667218


(U.S. Army Photo by Cornelia Summers)

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