Two new Army apps you will want

ANSBACH, Germany (April 7, 2021) – Two new mobile web applications are now available for all U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Ansbach military community members. The Digital Garrison app and U.S. Army Maintenance Application (ArMA).

While the Digital Garrison app is the digital answer to an old-fashioned community guide with phone directory, opening hours, event listings, GPS information, local Exchange information, Exchange coupons and online shopping link, the ArMA ( app is now the preferred method for all on-post housing and barracks residents to submit service orders for their quarters.

The free Digital Garrison app is a partnership product between the U.S. Army and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. It is available in the Apple and Google Play stores. When asked about his experience with the Digital Garrison app, Cary Zottolo, the local Urlas Exchange manager said:

“The Digital Garrison app is a tremendous asset to the community. The app is a joint effort between the Army and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. Digital Garrison fosters a sense of community while offering information about events, dining and other installation activities. The app also connects shoppers to and gives them access to deals and promotions for stores, shoppettes and online.”

When asked whether community members are using it, he said: “Yes. Soldiers and their families use Digital Garrison routinely for Exchange food court coupons, specials, credit card information and online deals, as well as the installation directory, to check the weather and keep up with garrison events. It’s a great tool for service members and their families who are PCS-ing in and out.”

Digital Garrison has a dashboard and an Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation program link. Digital Garrison also offers a link to ArMA.

ArMA, this new Army maintenance tool has been available to the local Ansbach residents since January of this year. Harald Niesser, Chief, Business Operations and Integration Division, Directorate of Public Works explains:

“After the test phase for ArMA in December 2020 for two weeks, where only 5-4 Air Defense Artillery Soldiers, who live in the barracks at Shipton Kaserne could log in and use the app, it was made available to all Ansbach residents around 10 January.”

“The biggest advantage for all Ansbach housing residents is, that after the initial registration, which takes a couple of minutes and the sponsor’s confirmation, they can turn in service orders for their quarters 24/7,” Niesser continued. “There is no telephone waiting time and you don’t have to repeat your information every time. The system auto-populates all the personal information and all you have to do is write your maintenance request in the remarks section.”

Further, ArMA allows you to track your open maintenance orders and has a drop-down menu to check available maintenance services, which is a great feature. According to Niesser, the different computer programs are not all integrated yet, so that the work order section has to work extra hard right now to make sure each service order is entered in all of the necessary systems.

Both applications are a big step towards modernizing Army processes. Every-day needs and multitasking at your fingertips, for example, after you apply that great coupon for your favorite hair product you found on the Digital Garrison app in the Exchange, you remember to look up and call the beauty shop for an appointment and while you think of it, submit a service order for that annoying leaking shower faucet.  Best of all, the Digital Garrison app with the ArMA link will be implemented Army wide and available to Soldiers and their Families after PCS moves at Army installations across the world.

Download the Digital Garrison app now from App Store or Google Play and set your installation to USAG Ansbach.

Photo: Joshua Rojas

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