Ansbach schools to begin Thursday late starts next school year

MESSAGE FROM DODEA: To both increase the rigor of the work we provide our students and to better match the curriculum that is used in most of the U.S., DoDEA is implementing new College and Career Ready Standards. These standards are very challenging and require that our teachers make significant changes in what they teach, how they teach and how they assess students.

As a result, all of DoDEA has been tasked with providing teachers job-embedded collaboration and professional development. How does this affect the Ansbach DoDEA School System? The Ansbach Elementary and Middle/High School will have a late start every Thursday beginning next school year. All of DoDEA America and the Pacific have or will have this dedicated collaboration release time. Many DoDEA schools here in Europe have already implemented the change in hours, and those who haven’t will begin next year.

In response to this change, Ansbach schools will open one hour later starting at 9:15 a.m. each Thursday in School Year ’17-18.  Please contact AES (09802-83-2628 or DSN 467-2628) or AMHS (09802-83-2808 or DSN 467-2808) or your community SLO (09802-83-3060 or DSN 467-3060) if you have questions and/or concerns.

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