The heat is on … almost

As temperatures gradually fall, community members may be wondering when and why heat will be supplied in living quarters (or not).

According to the Standard Operating Procedure for Energy and Water Conservation, heat will not be supplied during the summer months of June, July and August, and will also not be supplied during winter season if the average daily outside temperature rises above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat will usually be supplied when the average daily outside temperature slips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit for two consecutive days (48 hours).

During the heating season, the following procedures are required:
• Utilities Energy Monitoring and Control Systems have been installed within all areas. Such a system is designed to automatically control heat at the desired temperature. Nevertheless, residents are still encouraged to turn down the heat in unoccupied rooms, during absences and at night.
• While windows are open, heat/radiator valves should be turned off and windows opened max. five minutes. Do not tilt windows permanently.
• Broken and/or leaking windows and doors, and damaged heating systems need to be reported promptly to the Directorate of Public Works.
• Because humidity affects body comfort, a properly humidified room will feel warmer than dry rooms at the same temperature. Each radiator should have a humidifier (properly filled). Humidifiers are available at the Self Help Issue Point, or SHIP.
• The use of electrical heaters of any kind is strictly prohibited unless authorized in writing by the garrison commander.
• The use of range tops or ovens for space heating constitutes a fire hazard and is strictly forbidden. Unit commanders of troop facilities or sponsors who occupy family housing units will be held directly responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by the improper use of stoves, ranges or ovens.
• Don’t overheat your rooms.
• Don’t block radiators with curtains.
• Thermometers are available at the DPW Energy Office or Housing Division for placement in family housing and offices.

To learn more, call DPW at 09802-83-2811 or DSN 467-2811.

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