Snow and ice removal procedures, winter delays for the garrison

ANSBACH, Germany – Since winter weather has struck USAG Ansbach a few times already this season, the Department of Public Works, whose responsibility it is to ensure safe travels within the garrison, has received many questions and comments in regards to their snow and ice removal procedures. Here are everybody’s responsibilities in a nutshell:

Snow and ice removal on the roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and airfields:  The garrison utilizes a ‘three-pronged’ approach to snow and ice removal during winter weather events.  A portion of the garrison is cleared by an external contractor; a portion is cleared by the Area Support Team (AST); and another portion is cleared by Public Works Roads & Grounds personnel.  These entities closely monitor the weather and begin their removal activities as soon as possible–oftentimes at 3 a.m.  The garrison has 68 miles of paved roads to clear– that is not accounting for the thousands of square feet of parking lots, sidewalks, and both airfields.  Residents are asked to be patient; the road crews working as quickly and efficiently as they possibly can.

Mandated delays in opening, or closing the garrison:  The garrison (Public Works and Emergency Services) continually monitor road and weather conditions.  They are charged with advising the garrison commander if the opening of the garrison should be delayed, or if early closure is warranted.  In both instances, this is not a request–IT’S AN ORDER.  In a delayed opening, the snow and ice removal teams need the time to clear the roads, parking lots, etc.  If residents fail to adhere to the delayed opening time announced, they are putting themselves and others at risk.  Community members are encouraged continue to check the garrison’s web page and Facebook page, and enroll in AtHoc for up-to-date emergency notifications.

Snow and ice removal at Army Family Housing quarters and barracks:  It is in responsibility of the occupants of the barracks or quarters to clean, shovel and/or salt both their stairs and sidewalks adjacent to the facility.  Salt may be obtained from the Self Help Stores on Storck and Katterbach Kaserne.

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