To stay up to date with USAG Ansbach, keep these six resources handy

Bookmarking and regularly checking U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach's suite of information resources is highly recommended.

Bookmarking and regularly checking U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach’s suite of information resources is highly recommended.

USAG Ansbach Public Affairs

It’s a common conundrum: Community members know the information is out there, but they do not always know where to find it. To make it easier, below is a list of U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach’s five main information outlets – plus one app. These outlets fulfill slightly different roles and often complement each other. If you are only getting your information from one or two, you may not be seeing the whole picture.

Most of these resources you can set as a bookmark in your web browser of choice.

1: The Ansbach Home Page: Think of this as your hub for all of your informational needs regarding Ansbach. Although this website is updated with new information, it is presented as a static portal or electronic reference that you can come back to again and again as needed. The phone directory is the most popular part of the home page, but this portal also provides items like weather and road conditions, housing information, newcomer info, policy letters, a list of medical resources, fun stuff to do, and much more.

2: The Ansbach Hometown Herald: This is USAG Ansbach’s online newspaper, which is updated multiple times throughout the week. Announcements, news stories, fliers, weather updates, safety and security alerts comprise this electronic news site. This outlet also features a calendar of community events, emergency numbers, inclement weather information and classified ads.

3: Facebook: It’s difficult to find a person these days who doesn’t have a Facebook account, and that’s why we use it to quickly and widely publish news, photos, events, stories of interest, fliers and alerts.

4: Notes from the Garrison: We send out this rundown of updates twice a week to more than 1,000 community members, including Soldiers, Family members, retirees and employees. “Notes from the Garrison” features news briefs and excludes attachments to avoid bogging down your inbox. Subscribe HERE.

5: Flickr: This is the garrison’s giant repository of digital photos, and all photos are public domain. The site also features an album of current fliers.

6: The USAG Ansbach App: USAG Ansbach released its new smartphone application in June. The app contains much of the same information as the USAG Ansbach Home Page, but in a format friendlier to smartphones. The USAG Ansbach App is available free through Amazon Kindle Fire-, Apple iTunes-, and Google Android-enabled devices at the links here:

Do you have questions, issues or suggestions about any of these resources, or ways we could improve on them? If so, send an email to You can also shoot a message to that email to subscribe to Notes from the Garrison.

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