Safety, health quick-reference contact pocket card now available

Pictured here is one side of the new safety and health card.

Story by Stephen Baack, USAG Ansbach Public Affairs

ANSBACH, Germany (Aug. 4, 2017) – The U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach Safety Office has created a quick-reference card with phone numbers for an array of health and safety needs for community members.

Don Busbice, chief of the USAG Ansbach Safety Office, said the card is the result of a community-wide effort to consolidate important contacts someone might need quickly and possibly during a crisis.

“It’s not a Safety Office initiative; it’s a community initiative to throw a lifeline to anyone who needs one,” said Busbice.

The card includes contact info from the Directorate of Emergency Services, Family Advocacy Program, Suicide Prevention and Awareness, Religious Support Office (chaplain), Equal Employment Opportunity, Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention and even a number to a taxi.

The list of agencies and numbers is not exhaustive, and the card itself will likely be updated as needed in the near future. Busbice, along with safety and occupational health specialist Mark Kiefer, started giving them out during the last USAG Ansbach All-Hands gathering for garrison employees.

“We gave out several hundred that day,” said Kiefer. “We got a pretty good response from it, so then we elected to tailor this not just to the employee but to every resident, regardless of capacity, in the garrison.”

“Once we gave these cards out, we had several entities on post who are responsible for safety and health say, ‘We want on that card,’” said Busbice. “We just made up the card. It was so well-liked … it became more of a community effort driven by the folks who provide for the safety and health of the community.”

Kiefer said all the agencies on the card have one key thing in common – they’re problem-solvers.

The information on the cards is not new and can be found in multiple places including the USAG Ansbach’s official website, news site and app, but a person who needs the information – depending on the problem – may not have online access or may not remember exactly where to look in an emergency.

“I’ve often had issues,” said Kiefer, “and you start going through notes and books and, ‘Where did I write that down?’ and, ‘Where was this kept,’ and ‘Where did I leave that card?’ So here we take all of these really important contacts that are in high demand within the community – problem-solvers – and then you get people in the mindset to refer to that and refer to it often.

“It’s something you can put in your pocket, on the refrigerator, in your desk, in your workplace or at home,” Kiefer added.

The Safety Office now gives them to Soldiers, family members and civilians during newcomer briefings. To obtain one, contact the Safety Office at one of the numbers below or print a cut-out from the graphic at

Busbice added, “It’s the community safety and health folks giving back to the community, saying, ‘We’re always ready for you.”


To learn more, call the USAG Ansbach Safety Office at 0981-183-1670 / 7594 / 7780 or DSN 468-1670 / 7594 / 7780. To see a list of emergency numbers for the USAG Ansbach community, visit or

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