SAFETY ALERT: Two collisions in one week at B14, Katterbach-Bismarck crossover intersection

By the USAG Ansbach Safety Office

ANSBACH, Germany (Aug. 19, 2016) – In the past week there have been two traffic collisions at the Katterbach/Bismarck crossover point of Highway B14.

Both traffic collisions were the result of vehicles entering the intersection in possible violation of a red light traffic signal while traveling east on B14 toward Nürnberg, subsequently colliding with vehicles that were signaled to cross between Katterbach and Bismarck kasernes.

U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach Directorate of Emergency Services personnel investigating the traffic accidents will coordinate with German Polizei to determine the root cause of these accidents, if there are systemic contributing factors, and if there are efforts that can be taken to mitigate identified contributing factors.

Safety of the service members, civilians and Families living and working at USAG Ansbach remains the primary focus of the USAG Ansbach DES.

Traffic signals are designed to:
• ensure safe and orderly flow of traffic,
• protect pedestrians and vehicles at busy intersections,
• reduce the severity and frequency of accidents between vehicles entering intersections.

The goal of everyone – vehicle operators and pedestrians – must be personal safety, avoidance of personal danger and property damage, and the orderly movement of traffic.

Some vehicle operators attempt to rush through changing lights, increasing the danger for pedestrians and other vehicle operators. The little time saved does not justify this risky behavior.

Defensive driving habits could help prevent future accidents. Vehicle operators entering the crossover from any direction must maintain vigilance of other vehicles and pedestrians and must obey traffic signals.

To learn more about safety at USAG Ansbach, visit or call the office at 0981-183-1670 / 7780 or DSN 468-1670 / 7780.

For a list of emergency contact numbers, visit

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