Routine Legionella sampling completed

By USAG Ansbach Environmental Management Division

ANSBACH, Germany (May 22, 2020) – The Directorate of Public Works completed a garrison-wide Legionella sampling for drinking water this week in the Illesheim area, and the Ansbach area is scheduled for May 26-29.

Environmental Final Governing Standards for Germany require the annual monitoring of bathroom showers for Legionella bacteria throughout USAG Ansbach to include on-post housing and tenant unit buildings.

The 10-minute sampling process requires a contractor from a German-certified testing laboratory to enter homes with DPW personnel to collect a hot water sample from the bathroom shower. Samples will be send to the lab with results reported within ten workdays.

“If Legionella is detected above the Environmental Final Governing Standards for Germany action limit, residents will be notified and corrective actions taken immediately,” Woernlein said.

Legionella is a type of bacterium found naturally in freshwater environments (e.g., lakes and streams). It can become a health concern when it grows in high concentrations in manmade water systems that can aerosolize water, such as during use of contaminated shower heads and humidifiers. Water used for cooking and drinking typically does not pose a risk from Legionella.

Environmental officials with USAG Ansbach note that this sampling is not connected to the Installation Management Command Directorate-Europe upcoming lead survey being conducted.

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