Stay safe with personal protective measures

From the U.S. Army Europe Antiterrorism Division

WIESBADEN, Germany (June 8, 2017) – With so much to do throughout Europe during the warm weather, it’s important not to forget individual and family protective measures. These include traveling in small groups with varied routes and avoiding locations that limit your movement and ability to exit a venue quickly.


Festivals, holiday markets and public events

  • Open Air venues
  • Avoid high traffic/peak visiting times.
  • Avoid locations which restrict or limit your movement and ability to exit the venue quickly.
  • Pay close attention to vehicle ingress/egress (entry/exit) points.
  • Do not loiter near vehicle ingress/egress points (remember the Berlin Christmas market attack).
  • Know where emergency evacuation points are located, and remember where predetermined family/group rally points are located.


Indoor festivals/sports arenas

  • Pay close attention to pedestrian ingress/egress (entry/exit) points.
  • Identify closest exit point to your specific location.
  • Have an escape plan.
  • Remember where predetermined family/group rally points are located.
  • Remain vigilant and situationally aware. Report suspicious activity, unattended bags, or anything outside of the norm.
  • Active Shooter Response is Run, Hide, Fight!
  • Move away from incidents, seek cover, and avoid panicked crowds.


Post incident/event

  • Follow directions given by local security/responders.
  • Do not bring unwanted attention to yourself, remain calm and follow security/responder directions.
  • Be prepared to answer security/first responder questions.
  • Exit the location as quickly as possible, keeping in mind the security environment.
  • Secure personal identification documents and have them readily available if the need should arise.
  • Remember where predetermined family/group rally points are located.
  • Remember/exercise communications plan, notify embassy/consultant/unit/family members as required.


Returning home

  • Remain vigilant and situationally aware.
  • Update chain of command, legal, or law enforcement as required.
  • Provide lessons learned to chain of command.


Individual protective measures for all trips

  • Travel in small groups and vary routes.
  • Let your unit, coworker, family and/or battle buddy know where you’re going and your expected return.
  • Be inconspicuous, and do not wear clothing with U.S. or DoD affiliation. Avoid talking loudly or drawing attention to yourself. Remove any DoD or U.S. affiliated stickers from your vehicle.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and potential safe havens (i.e., police station, hospital).
  • Avoid gatherings or demonstrations. Leave if one is encountered.
  • Know emergency numbers and other important numbers (i.e. nearest U.S. Consulate). When possible, carry a cellphone with preprogrammed emergency numbers.
  • Monitor available media, including news and government websites, and social networking sites (such as “Stay Safe Antiterrorism” on Facebook) for information while traveling:
  • Be cautious in high-risk areas such as hotel lobbies, nightclubs and other public places (i.e., sporting arenas) where attacks may occur. Be aware of egress points in the event of an attack.
  • Register your trip with the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to receive alerts and messages for your duty station and travel destinations:


Click on the below images to see more protective measures including airport safety and how to set up a rally point and communications plan with your family.

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