When asked, ‘Paper or plastic?’ — opt for the paper

USAG Ansbach Directorate of Public Works

ANSBACH, Germany (Aug. 3, 2017) — Next time you are at the grocery store and have the option of “paper or plastic,” opt for the paper.

Of course, the Directorate of Public Works would prefer that shoppers obtain and take their permanent, re-usable shopping bags to the PX, Commissary, and Shoppette — just like one is expected to do when shopping on the economy here in Germany. These permanent bags can be used and re-used over and over again.

But sometimes we forget our bags or don’t have them with us when we need to shop.

In instances such as these, it would be better if you asked for paper bags as opposed to plastic. These bags are available at the Commissary, Shoppette and Post Exchange. Paper bags are completely biodegradable and don’t have the resilient properties associated with plastic bags.

So, the next time you’re out shopping on post, just ask, “May I please have paper bags?”

It’s the “Earth-friendly” thing to do.

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