Nurses Week Highlight #9

Noella Bayo, a licensed practical nurse at the Ansbach Army Health Clinic is from Brooklyn, New York. She has been a nurse for 13 years, and previously served in the military as a crane operator. “But, it was always my dream as a kid [to be a nurse], I volunteered for Red Cross as a kid.” Once she got out of the military, she decided to go for it. “I feel that not a lot of people can achieve their goal, but I did it.” Bayo entire nursing career has been emergency room medicine and the rewarding experience is bedside, she said. “Whether it’s going back to the whole Florence Nightingale, holding the persons hands … just the fact of being able to comfort that patient and reassure them because their family is not always there, and just let them know you are there.” She said it also feels good when the patient’s family members come back later on and tell her thank you. She said some challenging things about the medical field is seeing others who do not have the caring or compassion for the work they do, especially when it comes to the people they work with. “You are in a field that requires you to be compassionate and caring, not just bedside, not just when it’s an emergency, or a patient. That compassion comes from the heart and you should have that compassion for the people you work with also, so I feel it’s challenging to not be able to see them bring it forward sometimes.” She deals with the stresses of being a nurse by going with the flow of things and understanding what team means and what teamwork does, and the success rate of working together.

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