Nurses Week Highlight #5

Amber Amodt is a Registered Nurse at the Ansbach Army Health Clinic. She has been a nurse for almost 7 years and hails from Canton, Ohio. She received some health care experience when she served as a medic for seven years in the military, but “I just couldn’t stop wanting to do patient career, so I just decided nursing was my path,” she said.  She has spent time in a field unit and hospital, and worked in an ER type facility in Alaska. “You continually touch people’s lives,” she said. “Even if they are having a bad day, just doing the little bit of chit chatting and putting them at ease is rewarding for me and hopefully it’s helping them.” She said she learns something new every day. The most difficult part of being a nurse is not being able to help somebody, she said. “You have done everything that you as a nurse can do, and the patient is still not feeling the best that they could be, so that’s hard.” To deal with the stress of being a nurse, she turns to fitness, and enjoys riding her bike to work.

Pictured – Amodt demonstrates with the help of Registered Nurse Kristina Hontanosas, how to take a set of vital signs, like blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation.

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