Nurses Week Highlight #8

Ingrid Villela, a licensed practical nurse, hails from El Paso, Texas. She has been a nurse for 6 years and said nursing is more than just “putting wounds together,” … she enjoys helping people. While she was attending school to get her Registered Nurse certificate, she had a patient who underwent a traumatic back surgery. Villela spent two days with the patient during her clinicals. On the second day she was helping the patient cut up food when a phone call came in from a family member. The patient told the person, “yeah, Ingrid is here.” Villela realized the patient called her by name. “I left that day and was like this is really rewarding,” she said. “This is my calling.” She said the most difficult part of her job currently is that she would love to be able to cross train in other areas of the clinic, but there has not been time for it under the current conditions. To ease the stress of being a nurse, Villela loves to run. “I’m a marathon runner.” She ran Berlin last year, and hopes to run Greece this year.

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