New water bottle fillers available to employees, customers

Say Hello to the new bottle filler! The garrison recently installed 10 automatic water chillers and bottle fillers in various locations around the garrison as a pilot test. These water chillers filter and chill the water, and provide still and carbonated water. The intent is to save water and refill reusable water bottles, and therefore contribute to reducing the amount of disposable plastic water bottles that are clogging our landfills and oceans — and take millennia to decompose.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the bottle filler:

Q: Is the water safe for drinking?

A: Yes, it is passed through a carbon filter to remove chlorine, lead and other undesirable entities in the water.  There is also an Ultra Violet (UV) light system to reduce the possibility of bacteria, and a built-in back-flow preventer.

Q: What kind of water can I get?

A: The machine is set up to provide room-temperature still water, cool still water and cool sparkling water. Hold the button to fill your bottle, then release just before it’s filled — the dispenser will continue to flow for about 1.5 seconds after you release the button.

Q: Where are the cups?

A: Cups are not provided.  The idea is that users bring their own containers to reduce plastic bottle and cup waste.

Q: Can I just dump this water I don’t want in the bottom?

A: No, the basin under the tap is not plumbed to sewer and has a limited capacity. Liquids should not be dumped in there.

Q: Where did this bottle filler come from?

A: DPW purchased these to assess their use on USAG Ansbach.  We will look at costs and energy, maintenance issues, locations, if the employees and customers like them, and more.

Current locations for the new water chillers are:

  • Katterbach Kaserne: Building 5843 A, 5843 B, 5843 D, 9033 (Fitness Center  locker room hallway), 5818 (1st floor), 5817 (CMR)
  • Barton Barracks: Building 5251 (1st floor), 5253 (1st floor), 5259
  • Storck Kaserne: Building 6504 (Bunch Fitness Center)


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