Moving with your pets

Pet Owners’ Responsibilities

A pet owner is responsible for care and transportation of the animal(s) he or she owns. In the case of not being able to take the pet along as they move, pet owners should try to find a good home for them with another family. There are several web pages and Facebook sites dedicated to pet re-homing.

Whenever a pet is transferred to a new owner, it is important that the current and new owner fill out a “Transfer of Ownership Form” when an animal changes owners, even if it’s to a Tierheim (animal shelter). This helps to protect the old owner from any continued liability after relinquishing the pet, allows them to clear the vet facilities, and allows the new owner to have legal rights to the pet, including transferring the microchip into their name.

Only as a last resort pet owners can contact the local animal shelters, called Tierheim, to give up their pet for adoption. Animal shelters in Germany DO NOT euthanize any animals, unless they are terminally ill; instead new homes are sought out for the pets, or they are allowed to spend their final years in the shelter, if they are too old to be re-homed.

All shelters require a valid, updated vaccination record for the pet, which can be obtained from the Ansbach Vet Clinic, if the pet was registered and cared for there. If the shot record is not available, the shelter will charge the pet owner for the vaccinations required.

Under no circumstances should pets be “released” into the wild; this is not only cruel to the animal, but also illegal and punishable by law.

To contact USAG Ansbach Veterinary Services go to their listing in our Directory at:
USAG Ansbach Veterinary Services.

Pet Re-homing Facebook pages for this area

Bavaria Pet Society

– Pets In Need in Graf / Vilseck / Tirschenreuth / Weiden

– Pets looking for loving home in Bavaria Germany area ONLY!

– Loving pets need forever homes *Bavaria Only*

– Pet Sitting Exchange Grafenwöhr/Vilseck

Animal Shelters in the Ansbach/Illesheim area

Tierheim Ansbach – 0981-62170 – email:
Email or use answering machine (speak slow)
Haldenweg 8, 91522 Ansbach
Facebook Page-

Tierheim Bad Windsheim – 09841-2830
Call the veterinarian Dr. Volkamer first for check-in at 09841-2830 from 5 to 7 p.m.
Vet: Markgrafenplatz 3, Bad Windsheim
Shelter: Walkmühlweg 14, 91438 Bad Windsheim

Tierheim Schwabach – 09122 – 634242 – email:
Liebigstraße 16, Schwabach – Website-

Tierheim Feucht – 09128 – 916494 – email:
Fellastraße 4, Feucht – Website-

Tierheim Nürnberg – 0911-919 890
Stadenstraße 90, Nürnberg – Website-

Tierheim Gunzenhausen – 09831- 88910 – email:
Ansbacher Strasse 13A, Gunzenhausen – Website-

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