Mind Your Mental Health

In the wake of recent heart-wrenching tragedies such as the school shooting which took place in Texas, it is normal to experience feelings such as grief, anger, and confusion.

As OPM continues to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to share resources and information which can aid in promoting the mental, physical, and emotional prosperity of federal employees around the world. In light of this, we wanted to share the “Mind Your Mental Health” flyer which emphasizes the importance of managing and prioritizing one’s mental health by providing pertinent knowledge and highlighting many of the resources available to assist federal employees.

As federal employees and agency leaders, you are given the unique opportunity to inspire change and help dispel myths associated with seeking mental health treatment. Normalizing conversations surrounding mental health and promoting the usage of resources such as the Employee Assistance Programs are critical in reducing and eradicating false stigmas associated with caring for one’s mental health.

Federal employees are the heart of public service who do amazing work on behalf of all Americans.  Nothing matters more than their health and well-being, so OPM encourages all Federal employees to understand the benefits and supports available to them and underscores that no one should feel shame or stigma for taking care of their mental health.

Those eligible for Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are:  Department of the Army Civilians (NAF/AF/LN/Contractors), Supervisors, Retired Civilian Employees, Retired Military and Family Members over the age of 18.

To seek assistance in the Ansbach Garrison area, please reach out to the Employee Assistance Program Coordinator at angela.m.williams5.civ@army.mil or 09802-83-3972 (DSN 467-3972).

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