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Motor Vehicle Lighting Equipment Checks in October 2017

A motor vehicle lighting equipment check campaign is conducted throughout Germany each year in October. The 2017 campaign slogan  is: “Freie Fahrt für gutes Licht” = Green light for good light! Purpose of this campaign is to encourage motor vehicle owners to have their vehicles – especially lighting equipment – inspected prior to the onset of winter weather. The U.S. Forces in Germany have partnered with German Department of Transportation, and are an active participant in this program, offering free inspections to U.S. Forces personnel and family members owning private vehicles. Germany-wide, approximately 10 million drivers take advantage of this campaign annually. Participating garages and vehicle inspection stations can be identified by the campaign poster/banner.

AAFES Car Care Centers, U. S. Forces Vehicle Inspection Stations, and auto repair shops on the economy provide free inspections in support of the Motor Vehicle Lighting campaign. The Campaign is conducted from 1 to 31 October to identify and correct deficiencies prior to the more hazardous fall & winter driving season. This is the time when hours of darkness increase and winter road and weather conditions begin. In 2016, approximately one third of all cars inspected had one or several vehicle lighting equipment deficiencies. The Exchange Car Care Centers and German garages will conduct courtesy (free of charge) inspections to check vehicle lighting systems, including headlights, taillights, turn signals, fog lights and brake lights. Function as well as proper adjustment will be checked, and a campaign sticker will be attached to the windshield to indicate successful completion of this inspection.

In addition to the lighting inspection at vehicle inspection stations & garages, The Exchange Car Care Centers will also check windshield wipers and tires. Any repair work to correct deficiencies will of course be chargeable to the vehicle owner. Take advantage of the 2017 Motor Vehicle Lighting Equipment checks.

Note: Army in Europe Regulation 190-1/USAFE Instruction 31-202, paragraph 3-3. Mechanical Standards “c. First-line supervisors or platoon sergeants will visually inspect subordinates’ POVs at least every 180 days for violations of basic safety standards (for example, worn or bald tires, the wrong type of tires for the current season, inoperative lights, broken windshields and glass, dangerous projections caused by rust, accidents) and record their findings on DA Form 3626. Supervisors will enforce basic safety standards by ensuring their subordinates do not operate unsafe vehicles until the vehicle is repaired, registered as nonoperational, or properly disposed of.”

For more information visit the German campaign website:  

To contact your local Exchange Car Care Center on Bismarck Kaserne, call 09802-9583390.

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