When icy, snowy, foggy weather strikes

U.S. Army file photo by Karl Weisel

U.S. Army file photo by Karl Weisel

ANSBACH, Germany (Jan. 4, 2016) – With ice, snow and limited visibility, traveling by vehicle or on foot can be particularly hazardous this time of year. That’s why the USAG Ansbach Safety Office wants to remind community members of the many things they can do to mitigate their cold-weather risks.


– Check road conditions before departure.
– Clear snow and ice from lights, signals and windows.
– Buckle up every time!
– Scan ahead/anticipate problems.
– Slow down for wet, snowy or icy road conditions.
– Avoid quick braking or acceleration.
– Never use cruise control during inclement weather.

Observe the 50/50 Law: Germany’s “50/50 Law” states that if visibility is 50 meters (164 feet) or less, the maximum speed limit is 50 kilometers (30 miles) per hour.


– Use your low beams or forward-facing fog lights.
– Reduce speed and increase your following distance.
– Avoid crossing traffic unless absolutely necessary.
– Listen for traffic you cannot see.
– Use wipers and defroster as necessary for maximum vision.
– Be patient! Don’t pass lines of traffic.
– Unless absolutely necessary, don’t stop on any freeway or other heavily traveled road.
– Signal your turns earlier and scan ahead for hazards.

Within Germany: Rear fog lights may only be used when visibility is less than 50 meters (164 feet). Tip: Remember, the distance between road markers is 50 meters.


The USAG Ansbach Directorate of Public Works is working hard to DPW is working hard to maintain sidewalks and roads; however, your help is needed:

– Building coordinators should ensure sidewalks are kept free of snow and ice.
– Apply salt (preferably gravel) around common walking areas (sidewalks, parking lot, etc.).
– Wear appropriate footwear for snow and ice conditions.
– Walk with caution. Be careful.

To learn more, visit the USAG Ansbach Emergency Numbers page. or call the USAG Ansbach Road Conditions Hotline at 09802-83-3882 or DSN 467-3882. For more on road conditions and school closures throughout Installation Management Command – Europe, visit here.

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