How to dispose of your Christmas tree — on post or off post

Disposing of your Christmas tree is a two-step process for those who live on post. See the yellow graphic below.

For those who live off post, Christmas trees are usually picked up on a certain date. The specific date depends on your city or county. It’s recommended that you check your local newspaper for the date, which usually falls after Three Kings Day (Jan. 6).

For more information about refuse disposal and recycling, and points of contact, refer to the following: In Ansbach, visit (city) or (county and outlying areas). For those who live outside Ansbach, you can find your location using this link: For non-German speakers, it may be helpful to do an Internet search for your city’s or county’s name along with the term “Abfall.” Certain search engines, such as Google, can then translate the page to a serviceable degree.

Click on graphic for a larger version.

Click on graphic for a larger version.

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