Housing and transient quarters

Moving from Illesheim area to the Ansbach area? What you need to know.

The U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach Housing Office has been informed that the remainder of 2nd Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment (Aviation Reconnaissance), is scheduled to relocate to the Ansbach area during the months of June through September.

During this time of transition, our community will experience many Soldiers and their Families moving from one installation to another. To assist us during this time, the Housing Office is working with the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade and has created some business rules of movement to ensure all personnel are assigned appropriate quarters as quickly as possible.

On May 13 at both the Storck and Bismarck town hall meetings, these business rules were presented to the community, having been approved by Col. Christopher M. Benson, USAG Ansbach commander.

Nothing has changed since the briefings during the town hall meetings. If you are hearing something different from the rumor mill or from other sources, please check with the Housing Office. If changes are implemented, those changes will be disseminated via official channels.

The 12th CAB will generate Order of Merit Lists and provide them weekly to Housing and the Directorate of Public Works. These lists will inform the Housing Office who needs to move and in what priority. Once a service member’s name appears on the list, he or she will attend a weekly levy brief, and housing will begin to work the relocation of the service member and Family.

The housing process:

The system Housing uses to find adequate housing is to place each Soldier in order by the Order of Merit List, or OML. They then determine what the bedroom requirement and category is for each Soldier (e.g. senior non commissioned officer: three-bedroom quarters). Keep in mind that Housing is able to move a Soldier up one category and bedroom if no quarters are available in their category. Housing picks the unit that has been vacant the longest in each category when assigning houses. Therefore, the process is random and assures that homes are not left vacant longer than necessary.

What you need to do:

* Make sure your rank is correct in our system. If you have been promoted into another category, let us know.

* Make sure all of your dependents are in the Enterprise Military Housing system. If your family size has increased, let us know.

* Be patient if you need a four- or five-bedroom housing unit and we currently don’t have one in your category. It could take 30 days or more until someone moves out.

* Make sure we have a good phone number and email address for you and check them regularly. We may need to call you to make decisions about your new home.

* Have reasonable expectations. Two-car garages and walk-in closets don’t exist here. All of our homes meet Army adequacy standards for the grade and family count we assign them by. To see those standards, take a look at Army Regulation 420-1 (Army Facilities Management).

Please refrain from calling or visit housing to inquire about relocating if your name is not on the current OML or levy brief schedule for that week. You’ll be wasting time and unnecessarily taxing the resources of the Housing Office technicians. Housing will not move any service member whose name is not cited on the OML and levy brief schedule.

The modeling that was used to build the business rules revealed that there will be plenty of on-post housing for the permanent party Soldiers who remain in Ansbach. So, odds are very good that if you are required to relocate, you’ll be moving on post.

Of course, there may be exceptions to these business rules. If you feel your situation merits an exception and your command supports your request, follow the normal procedure of submitting an Exception to Policy, or ETP, through your chain of command, through the Housing Office, and to the garrison commander.

Based on the Post ARI Business Rules and new policy, Soldiers will be housed in areas according to pay grade as follows:

Urlas Family Housing: company grade (O1 to O3, WO1 to CW3), field grade (O4 and above, CW4 to CW5) and Senior NCOs (E7 to E9).

Barton Barracks Family Housing: garrison commander, 12th CAB commander, three field-grade officer quarters for 12th CAB and three field-grade officer quarters for garrison staff.

Katterbach Family Housing: private to staff sergeant (E1 to E6), two buildings totaling 24 quarters for O1 to O3 and WO1 to CW2 and eight senior NCO quarters E7 to E9.

Bleidorn Family Housing: private to staff sergeant (E1 to E6). All five-bedroom quarters are assigned regardless of rank (these are the only five-bedroom quarters at USAG Ansbach) and two Bachelor Enlisted Quarters buildings for E6s.

Katterbach Unaccompanied Housing: 12th CAB Soldiers.

Bismarck Unaccompanied Housing: Non-12th CAB Soldiers.

To assist in clearing housing, check out the USAG Ansbach Housing Guide at http://www.ansbach.army.mil/FlipBooks/HousingGuideAnsbach/HousingGuideAnsbach.pdf. On Page 44 there is information on terminating quarters.

To learn more, call the USAG Ansbach Housing Office at 09802-83-3415 or DSN 467-3415 for Katterbach, or 09841-83-4523 or DSN 467-4523 for Storck.

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