Volunteers needed for Ansbach Hispanic Heritage Month Observance

[UPDATE: The telephone number for the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade Equal Opportunity adviser is 09802-83-3745 and DSN 467-3745.]

The Ansbach Equal Opportunity Office is looking for volunteers for their Hispanic Heritage Month Observance, slated for Oct. 14 (location is still yet to be determined). The office is looking for Soldiers, Family members and civilians to help plan this event, and volunteer for entertainment roles and/or the preparation of ethnic food. To learn more, call your EOAs at 0981-183-7940 or DSN 468-7940; or 09802-83-3745 3754 or DSN 467-3745 3754.

Or, call the USAG Ansbach EEO officer at at 0981-183-7937 or DSN 468-7937.

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  1. Rebecca M Rivera says:

    I would like to help in either setup, food prep, orginizing, and possibly entertainment (as I have sung in various avenues on multiple occasions). My family is from New Mexico and we speak only English at home. It would be nice to familiarize ourselves with others from the Hispanic culture.

  2. Bryan Gatchell says:


    It is likely the Equal Opportunity Advisors will be busy today and tomorrow preparing and executing the Women’s Equality Day event (see http://ansbachhometownherald.com/usag-ansbach-to-celebrate-womens-equality-day/ for more information). Try either of their lines at the numbers listed on this page.

    If you have any difficulty connecting, let us know.

    – Bryan from PAO

  3. Ernest Ytuarte says:

    Hello Ms. Rivera,

    My name is Ernest Ytuarte, USASG Ansbach, EEO Officer, thank you for your response. Currently, I have arranged to have a guest Speaker and food samples from Mexico, Panama, and Honduras. Your assistance is welcomed and appreciate. If you could sing a few songs, that would be great. Please call me at 0981-183-7937 or DSN 468-7937
    so that we can further discuss.

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  5. SFC Maria A. Castillo says:

    Greetings. I would like to volunteer by singing a couple of Rancheras. I will be wearing the typical outfit, as well.

  6. Bryan Gatchell says:

    Excellent to hear!

    If you contact the 12th CAB EOA, please note that the telephone number is 09802-83-3745 or DSN 467-3745.

    – Bryan from PAO

  7. Ana Laura Uribe says:

    Hello, I would like to volunteer by setting up a table with Mexican food and cultural artifacts. Gracias.

  8. Stephen Baack says:

    That’s great! If you call 0981-183-7940 (DSN 468-7940) or 09802-83-3745 (DSN 467-3745), someone should be able to help you volunteer. -Steve from PAO

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