HELP SAFETY HELP YOU: Ansbach safety office encourages hazard reporting

By the USAG Ansbach Safety Office

During a recent U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach town hall, a message from community members was heard: There is currently no means available for community members to report a safety hazard or contact the Installation Safety Office concerning suspected safety hazards!

This issue immediately garnered command and staff attention, and the issue has been resolved!

For safety hazard reporting, contact the installation Safety Office at DSN 468-1670/7780 or commercial 0981-183-1670/7780, or access the “Report a Hazard” at the following:

Hazard report forms are easily filled and sent to Safety Staff for action. Community action for reporting hazards is crucial to ensuring we as a community are living and working in spaces as free of hazards as possible.

Normally, reports will be signed; however, anonymous reports will be investigated in the same manner as other reports. Reports can be submitted directly to the Installation Safety and Occupational Health specialist at DSN 468-1670/7780 or commercial 0981-183-1670/7780, or the link above for host nation and U.S. employees, Soldiers, civilians and Dependents. If a dangerous situation is imminent, notify the immediate director, supervisor, and activity head as soon as possible. Notify the Installation Safety and/or Occupational Health (SOH) director at DSN 468-1670/7780 or commercial 0981-183-1670/7780

All reports will be investigated by safety or health personnel. The originator, if known, will be notified in writing of the results of the investigation within 10 working days of receipt of the hazard report. If the 10-workday suspense cannot be met, the originator will be provided an interim response.

If it is determined a hazard exists, the reply will include a summary of the actions to be taken and anticipated date for corrective action.

If it is determined that a hazardous condition does not exist, the reply to the community member will include the basis for that determination. This reply will encourage informal contact with installation safety and health officials if additional explanations are desired. It will also inform the individual of their right of appeal as outlined below. If the originator is dissatisfied with the SOH official’s response, the originator may appeal to the Garrison Commander.

Report a Hazard forms require nothing more than the suspected hazard and a general location; anonymous submissions are encouraged for those seeking to mitigate a hazard without calling attention to themself for various reasons … ARMY SAFE … ARMY STRONG!

For more on safety at U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach, visit

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