Grow your own greens – urban gardening comes to Ansbach

USAG Ansbach is giving the community an opportunity to start their own urban gardening project on the installation.

The general idea is that participating community members plant their own raised beds with vegetables, herbs, flowers or fruits. The raised beds should be in front of your on-base home, clearly visible to passersby.

The choice of what will be planted in the personal gardening bed is completely up to the community members. An ecologically sustainable idea is to grow  seasonal vegetables, herbs or fruits. This makes fresh, organic food available for family and friends.

We also recommend planting regional flower mixtures to beautify the neighborhood and  contribute to USAG Ansbach’s conservation efforts for pollinating insects like bees or butterflies.

Seed packets are available at the Self Help Store, courtesy of the American Red Cross.  Additionally, the Self Help Store can provide tools needed for gardening and planting soil (limited supply).

Raised garden beds can either be purchased, or crafted and designed as desired. Wooden pallets are a recommended resource for crafting a raised bed. Those are available at the Katterbach Recycling Center on a first come, first serve basis. Do It Yourself (DYI) instructions for designing raised beds can be found online. Existing planter pots can be placed in front of a home, via request through the Service Order Desk.

The idea was initiated by Command Sgt. Maj. Eric Bohannon and further developed by the Cross Functional Team (CFT) and the American Red Cross. Anyone is interested in the initiative is encouraged to participate.

At the high point of the season, the most beautifully designed bed and surrounding area wins the “Best Community Garden” award for each housing area.

Self Help Store for free seeds (CIV: 09802-83-2149)
Service Order Desk for planters (CIV: 09641-70-587–1777)

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