Germans and Americans enjoy holiday gathering as conclusion of their year of friendship

Story and photos by Bianca Sowders

ANSBACH, Germany – American and German members and friends of Outreach-KONTAKT Franken met for their annual holiday gathering at the Katterbach Chapel annex. Since its establishment in 2014, it has become a cherished tradition for the members of the German-American friendship club to gather for holiday festivities, home-cooked food and delicious desserts, and meet once more in a larger setting before the end of the year. As in the past, the main dishes included turkeys and ham, as well as special side dishes made from recipes of both sides of the pond.

The club meets on a regular basis throughout the year, sharing barbecues, bowling nights and day trips, as well as restaurant visits twice a month.

Outreach-KONTAKT is known to forge lifelong friendships that continue over the years, even when military life moves them apart.

All interested community members are invited to join in the fun, meet some new friends and find out more about the people and the country they are living in.

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