Garrison community supports Ansbach city spring clean-up

ANSBACH, Germany (April 6, 2019) – Early Saturday morning about 50 U.S. Army Garrison members volunteered, joining Ansbach citizens to support the city’s annual “Saub(ä)er” spring clean-up project.

As in previous years, Soldiers, Army Professionals, family members and the Girls and Cub Scouts focused on picking up plastics and other garbage scattered around footpaths near fields and on sidewalks, at the Kasernes of Katterbach, Urlas, Bleidorn and Barton.

By noon, volunteers had filled some 40 large garbage bags, according to Daniel Wörnlein, acting environmental chief, Department of Public Works. ”We collected these bags along each of the clean-up routes and delivered them to a local drop-off point,” said Wörnlein, who, with the Environment Management Division team, had organized the clean-up event for garrison members.

The clean-up effort ended at noon with a free luncheon at the invitation of Ansbach Lord Mayor Carda Seidel.

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(U.S. Army Photos by Cornelia Summers, USAG Ansbach, Public Affairs Office)

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