Estate Claim

* Persons having property of PFC Robert Joseph Keller should contact the Summary Court Martial Officer 1LT Alan Madrid at DSN: 314-467-2612, COMM: +(49)980-283-2612, Mobile: +49-0152-5649-0195, or NIPR Email: .

* Persons whom PFC Robert Joseph Keller is indebted, or who are indebted to PFC Keller should also contact the Summary Court Martial Officer 1LT Alan Madrid.

Personal effects can include, but is not limited to:
• Any government property issued to the Soldier or civilian
• Personal clothing
• Items of sentimental value to the Family
• Electronic equipment: Personal video/audio, cameras, DVD players, IPOD players, laptops, and so forth
• Personal papers including correspondence (letters, post cards) and pictures
• Military awards, records, decorations, etc.
• Any other personal items located in the Soldier’s lockers, trunks, personal pockets, etc.
• Funds, and commercial papers belonging to the deceased:
– money, coins, and any other paper items.
– notarized copies of original bills of sale
– receipt for cash transactions

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