EAP offers counseling, trains supervisors

ANSBACH, Germany (August 22, 2019) — The U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is working to schedule supervisor’s for EAP refresher training over the next couple of months.

This training provides supervisors with a detailed overview of EAP services and discusses the supervisor’s responsibilities for those eligible employees.

Offered through the Army Substance Abuse Program, EAP is a non-clinical, confidential and free service. Those eligible can receive individual short-term counseling from a trained professional, referrals to other programs within the community and resources to help with individual needs. To be eligible you must be a U.S. Citizen and one of the following:

• Department of Defense Civilian
• Retired military personnel
• Retired Federal Civilian employee
• Family members of eligible personnel over the age of 18
• Family members of Active Duty service members over the age of 18
• Army National Guard & Army Reserve not on active duty (on a space/resource available basis)
• Foreign National employee under the SOFA agreement for medical services

“I think this service and the option to receive counseling is important because we all go through things that are beyond our control and that may be overwhelming at various points in our lives,” said Jannan Melendez, Employee Assistance Program and Prevention Coordinator.

“At these times and during normal transitions in life, we can benefit from seeing a trained impartial professional who can truly listen and provide an outside perspective, tools, and insight to assist with dealing with these things.”

Melendez said there are many options for counseling services within the USAG Ansbach military community, and the EAP is another resource that is readily available for community members.

“With counseling, you may have to shop around and find the right fit for you based on your individual needs so why not consider this additional resource to help you conquer the things in life that you may need help to deal with,” she said. “Some people just need to unload the thoughts in their head, some want strategies, some need coping mechanisms, and some need help to refocus as they work their way through daily tasks. Whatever your need is, the EAP is here to help.”

The supervisor’s EAP refresher training is not presented to an audience in a traditional setting. Melendez prefers a more confidential setting in case individuals need to discuss specific issues.

“For this reason I will be going to the respective supervisor’s offices to briefly educate them about EAP services and their roles and options as a supervisor,” she said. “I ask that individual supervisors call or email me to set up a date and time that works with their schedule so that we can meet one-on-one.”

Community members who supervise individuals eligible for EAP services can schedule refresher training by contacting Melendez at 314-467-3342, or by email at jannan.a.melendez.civ@mail.mil. Supervisors will also have the option to sign-up for training dates if they visit the Army Substance Abuse Program table during the Community Showcase Aug. 24 at the Katterbach Fitness Center.

“I will also be making my way around the community to sign people up to be able to meet this unique training requirement and leave them with an information sheet with guidelines for them to refer to throughout the year,” she said.

The EAP Coordinator also addresses issues related to alcohol and drug use, misuse, and/or abuse as well as adult living issues. The EAP is located at Bldg. 5817, 2nd floor on Katterbach Kaserne and open 8 a.m. — 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For additional information, visit https://home.army.mil/ansbach/index.php/my-fort/all-services/asap.

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