DPW for a Day: Good news and final instructions

By Walter Christian Mattil, USAG Ansbach director of Public Works

ANSBACH, Germany (Jan. 7, 2016) – Not only has the pot been sweetened for both applicants and the winner of the DPW for a Day contest, but there is also one last piece of instruction.

When you turn in your application next week, in addition to receiving a “Self-Help” goody bag, and a $5-off coupon from the Ansbach Spouses’ and Civilians’ Club Thrift Store at Katterbach Kaserne, the first 15 applicants will receive an additional goody bag courtesy of the Service Credit Union!

The Service Credit Union goody bag includes a shopping bag, mouse pad, parking decal, notebook, and several other items.

In addition to this, the Service Credit Union has offered to provide a $50 gift card to the winner of the contest.

Many, many thanks to SCU for their support to our garrison as well as the DPW for a day competition!!!

Now, here is where I really need your help …

If you are planning on turning in an application next week, like this post on the USAG Ansbach Facebook page. You can also comment there or comment on this page.

I need to ensure that we have enough coupons and goody bags on hand to give to each applicant.

Good luck to all of you, and I await the great ideas the great folks of our garrison have to offer.

Editor’s note: To see a roll-up of all of the “DPW for a Day” articles to date, visit https://ansbachhometownherald.com/become-dpw-for-a-day/.

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