Criminal alert notice for larceny of key-less entry vehicles

WIESBADEN, Germany (Sept. 22, 2017) – Recently, there have been multiple reports of stolen vehicles near U.S. bases in Germany involving key-less entry vehicles. In Rheinland-Pfalz there have been at least three reports this month of key-less entry vehicles stolen, including two American victims. ADAC, the German Automobile Club, has documented this security gap and reported a list of manufacturers affected by this problem. According to the ADAC website, their experts were able to open cars with key-less fob locking systems by means of a self-built wireless extension within seconds and drive away. There are multiple ways vehicles, even the latest models, can be hacked or stolen. In March 2016, the FBI published a public service announcement, Alert Number 1-031716-PSA, describing the increasing vulnerability of remote exploits to motor vehicles.  Visit for the complete PSA.


  • Find out if your vehicle is subject to this type of crime. Contact your vehicle manufacturer for specific details or concerns. You can also search for recalls on your vehicle through this website: .
  • Be aware of how you park your vehicle and where you place your keys. Ensure your vehicle is locked and the keys secured away from potential criminal threats. It is possible for criminals to boost the signal from the key fobs in order to gain access and start your vehicle. A simple metal box may defeat this type of theft.
  • Consider adding security devices or measures to your vehicle or home in order to protect yourself from these types of attacks.
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