Community members, children organize mini spring clean-up

ANSBACH, Germany – With spring flowers in full bloom, Urlas housing resident Linda Phillips enlisted neighborhood parents and kids to pick up winter trash and debris in the Army family housing area. “I thought kids might want to practice a little stewardship by accepting responsibility in keeping our housing community clean, ” she explained.

More than 15 parents and children walked throughout the housing area, filling bag after bag of trash. When asked “Why did you choose to pick up trash?” the participating children had different responses. Melody Wlasniewski said “I really liked doing it simply because I wanted to help the environment. When I saw how many kids [came to help], it was a lot. I was really surprised.”

“Because people litter all the time, and I wanted to help the nature not be dead,” said Lola Burton, followed by Grace Murray: “I did it because it was the right thing to do, and we shouldn’t be bad to nature, and we should care for it.”

The timing of the volunteer cleaners was perfect, as U.S. Army Garrison is currently conducting their annual spring clean up, during which service members and housing residents as well as garrison employees work together to make the community beautiful again after a long winter.

Photos by Andrew Oberle, Linda Phillips

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