CLICK2GO Coming Soon to Ansbach Commissary

Commissary CLICK2GO, the Defense Commissary Agency’s new online ordering/curbside delivery service, is coming to the Ansbach Commissary this fall, according to Mr. Raul Abrego, the store director.

“This service really speaks to the needs of our customers who can now plan, order and then just drive to the store to get them without having to get out of their vehicle,” said Abrego.

Here’s a brief rundown of Commissary CLICK2GO’s features:

  • Easy-to-use navigation and search functions to help customers plan healthy meals and take care of their family’s needs
  • Enhanced product information
  • Robust recipe features
  • Featured sales and promotions
  • Upgraded mobile-friendly experience
  • No service fee (it was waived on all orders for a limited time starting June 28)

Information on how the service works is found on with dedicated sections such as “How CLICK2GO Works.” First-time customers will need to create an account.

In step with grocery shopping trends, DeCA is working to bring on-line ordering, payment and pick-up options to all commissary-eligible patrons. In early June the agency announced plans to expand Commissary CLICK2GO to all 236 commissaries worldwide, and the rollout status can be found on the agency’s web site.

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