Bee keeper class a hit in Ansbach community

ANSBACH, Germany (Aug. 2, 2021) – After the beekeeping course 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, interested future beekeepers met this year for the first time March 27 at von Steuben Community Center to learn more about beekeeping. Norbert Hauer, chair of the Ansbach beekeeper association, offered the course in English for USAG Ansbach community members for the third time.

The course content included not only the theoretical basics, but other topics like equipment of apiculture, bee biology, overview of seasonal work, overview of disease mitigation, identification and treatment, colony treatment during the swarm forming season, reproduction and breeding of colonies, and late summer hive maintenance.
Now, four months and five practical courses later, 10 newly graduated beekeepers have received their certificate. Some will start keeping their own bees after the course.

After completing the final practical course at the Environmental Education Center at Soldiers Lake on Urlas July 17, the newly graduated beekeepers had the opportunity to participate in the USAG Ansbach beekeeper club’s honey harvest, and took home the first honey they harvested themselves. “Fresh, organic and super sweet,” is how they described the yield of about 18 kg – almost 40 pounds – of “liquid gold.”

Overall, all participants had a lot of fun and now have the educational background to start keeping bees. “Since there are so many people interested, we will offer a course again next year,” said Mr. Daniel Wörnlein of the Environmental Management Division of Ansbach’s Directorate of Public Works, who coordinates the USAG Ansbach beekeeper club. “Interested people can sign up in person at the Community Show Case in August 2021, or contact the Environmental Office at 09802-83-3424 or DSN 467-3424.”


Story by Max Weggenmann

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