Ansbach Community Notes – May 4, 2021


May 5 – Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine – one-shot dose

  • 0700-0930: Military Only
  • 0930-1300: General population that signed up through DHA Appointment Portal
  • 1300-UTC: Army Local National Employees – no sign up needed
  • 1530-UTC: Unscheduled General Population, will be determined that day and announced on Facebook and an All LAN Users message

May 7 – Moderna vaccine – two-dose series

  • 0930 – UTC: General population that signed up through the DHA Appointment Portal
  • 1530-UTC: Unscheduled General Population, will be determined that day and announced on Facebook and an All LAN Users message


U.S. Army Health Clinic Ansbach is pleased to announce we are now offering COVID-19 vaccine appointments to all eligible beneficiaries, regardless of tier category.

Prior to scheduling, please read the following criteria:

  1. Each request will be screened for eligibility, and you will receive either a confirmation email or an email stating you are not eligible.
  2. Currently, COVID-19 vaccines are only available for patients 18 years or older.
  3. Please ensure you provide a valid email address, as this is the primary means of contacting you about your vaccine appointment.
  4. If you book an appointment and receive confirmation, please do not be a no-show! No-shows hurt your fellow community member’s opportunities to receive the vaccine.
  5. Highlighted calendar days (in blue) indicate where appointments may be available. You MUST click on the calendar number to see available scheduling.
  6. If dates and times on the DHA Appointing Portal are greyed out, it means they are either booked or have not been opened for appointments.

We will ONLY open appointments on the appointing portal as we have COVID-19 vaccine available. If you do not see any available appointments, please keep checking back.

Check for available appointments using the Defense Health Agency Appointing Portal:

If you’re in the Ansbach area and have access to Facebook, there will be updates on vaccine availability. We could possibly put out a call day of the vaccine drive for people who want the vaccine.


The following changes are in effect regarding Restrictions of Movement in the 7th Army Training Command SRO and applicable to U.S. military personnel in Bavaria, Ukraine and Georgia. Where applicable, changes in requirements to ROM are consistent with U.S. Army Europe and Africa Policy and Bavarian law.

Consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Bavarian ordinances, a Fully Vaccinated person identified as a close contact during Contact Tracing will no longer be required to quarantine.

When a unit executes the 7ATC COVID Response Battle Drill 1, Fully Vaccinated personnel are exempt from ROM requirements.

Fully Vaccinated personnel deploying to installations in the 7ATC SRO for training and exercises will not be required to ROM before start of training; this includes Regionally Aligned Forces.

Personnel traveling to other nations for official travel must still conduct ROM if specified by that nation, but there is no requirement to ROM upon return to Bavaria.

Inbound personnel on PCS orders that are Fully Vaccinated do not need to ROM upon arrival on installation. However, for inbound PCS personnel that move directly to quarters or hotels off installations, only the Soldier/Civilian holding orders may be exempted from ROM if they are Fully Vaccinated; all other family members (regardless of vaccination status) must still conduct a ROM per host nation requirements.

At this time there are no changes for unofficial travel in accordance with Bavarian law.

Personnel not meeting the definition of Fully Vaccinated must continue to ROM in accordance with U.S. Army Europe and Africa Response to COVID-19 policies. More information can be found in the attached chart.

“Fully Vaccinated” is defined by the Centers for Disease Control as those individuals that are more than 14-days removed from receiving either a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine (the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine), or the second dose in a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series (the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines). Those vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine or other vaccines that have not been approved by the CDC or the host nation are NOT considered Full Vaccinated.


The Bavarian government announced today that fully vaccinated individuals will be treated as individuals that have tested negative under the Bavarian infection protection regulation.

This means i.e. that they do not need a test to go shopping etc., do not have to quarantine when returning to Bavaria from abroad or when identified as a Tier 1 contact person to infected individuals.

  • Now that the Bavarians have instituted it, we can follow suit.
  • If you’re not fully vaccinated you still have to get a negative test.
  • Fully vaccinated means 2 shots plus 15 days or J&J + 15 days.
  • For those that aren’t fully vaccinated keep an eye on your clinic page for information about more vaccines and appointments being available.

Vaccinations are available for community members at the Ansbach Army Health Clinic. To book an appointment, go here:


The Katterbach Dining Facility is hosting a mother’s day lunch on Friday, May 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.


The Katterbach Dining Facility is hosting a Military Spouse Appreciation dinner Friday, May 7 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.



Ansbach TKS can provide their services again on-post without an appointment or negative test. This applies only to the services that were offered previously in the TKS shop: New signups, cancellations, repair/return of equipment.

  • Hardware sales still need to be performed with the Click & Collect method.
  • Billing inquiries, bill payments must still performed online or over the phone through our hotline.
  • All services / information’s are still available through the following channels: Website and online Chat: TKS Hotline: 0631 3522 499.

This only applies for the shop in Ansbach at the moment and not Bavaria-wide.


Monthly pick-ups of bulk trash take place in all USAG Ansbach housing areas. Place your bulky items in the grassy area near the road by your building before 7 a.m. Bulk items include: Bikes, barbecue grills, furniture (beds, mattresses, couches, tables, chairs), rugs, electronics (TVs, lamps). Hazardous waste will not be picked up: Paint, spray cans, household cleaners, oil, car batteries, tires – take these items to the recycling center.

Upcoming dates in 2021: May  5, June 9, July 7, Aug. 4, Sept. 1, Oct. 6, Nov. 10, Dec. 1.


  • On Katterbach Kaserne, the road between the Thrift Store and Service Credit Union will be closed to traffic starting May 3. The detour is the flightline road starting at the high school around the airfield by 12th CAB.
  • Due to construction work (tower demolition), the road between the Von Steuben Community Center and the Training Support Center (TSC) Ansbach on Bismarck Kaserne will be closed to traffic from May 17 to June 4. There is no detour available, customers have to walk along the motor pool fence behind building 5846 to get to TSC Ansbach.


Traffic through the town of Neukirchen to Sachsen bei Ansbach will be blocked April 28 to May 15.


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