Ansbach Community Notes — March 24, 2022

School Parking Lot Closure

The parking lot at the elementary school will be closed on 25 March for approximately two months for repaving. There will be a temporary drop off area (see attachment)

Germany OHA Survey

Germany’s annual OHA Survey will be conducted on-line from 1 January to 31 March. Completing the survey is critical to ensure OHA rates for the Utility and Recurring Maintenance Allowance and Move-In Housing Allowance (MIHA) are properly set for Service Members (SM) assigned throughout Germany. The survey results directly impact the amount of OHA each SM receives.  If you receive Overseas Housing Allowance and meet the following qualifications, you should participate in the survey:

  • Assigned to Germany for at least 3 months
  • Reside in Privately leased quarters (not a homeowner or sharer)

Sharers are SMs sharing rent with another SM or with a civilian in receipt of Living Quarters Allowance.Spouses are encouraged to complete the survey with the SM or if the SM is unavailable.  This year’s survey will capture actual utility expense and recurring maintenance expense amounts provided by participants, referencing utility bills and receipts or estimates for maintenance expenses. Move in expenses can be reported from the date of occupying private rental since 2019, referencing receipts or estimates of these costs.

Vietnam War Veterans Day Ceremony

The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts will conduct a commemorative ceremony for Vietnam Veterans on 29 March at 1100 in the foyer in front of the Exchange on Urlas Shopping Center, Katterbach.  There will be free coffee and a cake cutting.  The 50th anniversary of the war is being recognized from 28 May 2012 to 11 November 2025.

Autism Awareness Month Events

Each April, we celebrate Autism Awareness month, to promote Acceptance and Awareness. To start things off, we have the Autism Awareness kick off on April 1st 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm at the Katterbach CDC. For the month of April there will be an EFMP display table at PX. Join us Face to Face for EFMP story time at the library, April 12th 11:00 am- 12:00 pm.

From the comfort of your homes join us for four Virtual Trainings with STOMP/PAVE starting on

1)April 5th 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm :Patient Rights & Responsibilities

2) April 12th 4:00 pm- 6:00pm : Financial Planning for the future.

3) April 19th 4:00 pm- 6:00 pm: Tricare, ECHO, ABA & Medicaid.

4) April 26th 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Advocacy To learn more about Autism and ask questions we have a Virtual Interactive Workshop on April 15th, from 4:30pm-5:30pm. Presented by Alisa M. Jones, M.A., CCC-SLP (Clinical Competence Certification Speech- Language Pathologist), and Kathleen A. Lowman, M.ED, N.C.S.P (Nationally Certified School Psychologist).

Every Friday will be Light it up Blue! Wear Blue to bring awareness to Autism disorder and Child Abuse prevention. To Learn more please contact Sparkle George, EFMP Manager or Jordy Ovalle EFMP System Naviator for more information at 467-2883.

USAG Ansbach Plastic Free Month 2022

Join Directorate of Public Works effort for a plastic-free Garrison and review and reduce your individual plastic consumption. As part of the Garrison’s awareness efforts, DPW EMD has organized a field trip to the Solid Waste Recycling Facility in Markt Berolzheim on 8 April from 0845 to noon. Interested community member may contact DPW EMD @ DSN 467-3424 / 3306 or 09802-83-3424 / 3306 to register. A TMP bus with 16 available spots will ferry all participants to and from the recycling facility. The meeting point for the bus is in front of the MP station (Bldg. 5843A) in Katterbach at 8:45AM. We all use disposable plastic items such as bottles, bags and takeaway containers just a few minutes because it is convenient. The major problem is, these items are made out of a material that is designed to last forever and they present a permanent pollution, as they do not decompose. For this reason, USAG Ansbach is once again hosting a Plastic Free Month (PFM) this upcoming April. For the entire month of April, the Garrison is dedicated to minimizing the plastic used across all installations and also to educate and encourage people to be more aware of their personal plastic use.

Community Egg Hunt

The Community Egg Hunt is 9 April at 1000 at the Ansbach Elementary School. Come join the fun on 9 April with music, egg hunts, egg spoon race and egg tosses. Plenty of goodies and fun to go around! Parking is limited, so if you can please walk or bike to the elementary school.

Speakers Series – Consul General-Munich Liston guest speaker

The first of three speakers series is 29 Mar at 1730 at the Karlshalle in downtown Ansbach. The guest speaker is U.S. Consul General Timothy Liston. The purpose of the speakers series is to discuss the importance of our collective security and the successes of our transatlantic partnership and explain why the Americans are still in Germany and Europe. Register to attend at

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