Ansbach Community Notes — March 16, 2022

Ansbach Legal Assistance and Claims Office Closed

The Ansbach Legal assistance and claims office will be closed 25 and 28 March. Our office is open, but we will be closed for notaries and claims assistance! Notaries and claims will resume on Tuesday 29 March 2022 at 0900 hrs. If you need to make an appointment, please email or call us at or call 09802-83-2103.

Love Letter to Your Child

Honor your child with a love letter. Letters will be displayed in the Exchange during the month of April. The event is open to all USAG Ansbach community members. Submit your letter to ACS front desk by March 23. For more information, call DSN 467-2883 or Civilian 09802-83-2883.

Vietnam War Veterans Day Ceremony

The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts will conduct a commemorative ceremony for Vietnam Veterans on 29 March at 1100 in the foyer in front of the Exchange on Urlas Shopping Center, Katterbach.  There will be free coffee and a cake cutting.  The 50th anniversary of the war is being recognized from 28 May 2012 to 11 November 2025.

CYSitters Babysitter Course

CYS will hold their next Babysitter Training Class March 29 to April 1 for youth 13 years and older. This course is a great training opportunity to learn life skills, basic first aid skills and gain a sense of responsibility. Classes will be held at the CYS Youth Center on Katterbach Kaserne Bldg 5984 from 1000 to 1600. There is no cost to attend. Call 09802-83-2533 or DSN 467-2533 or stop by Parent Central Services in Bldg 9028 to sign up.

Bee Keeper Class

You showed interest in a bee keeper class within the last year. We’re happy to announce the upcoming USAG Ansbach bee keeper class for the 2022 bee season. DPW-Environmental will be at the bee house at Soldier Lake every Wednesday starting April 6 at 1630. This is a free open class for everyone. If you want to start bee keeping right away, you can start with one of our hives. If you just want to tryout, join us for e.g. one Wednesday every month. Registrations are highly appreciated, but not necessary. For more information, call DPW Environmental at 467-3424 or Civilian at 0982-83-3424.

Community 5K Run/Walk

USAG Ansbach Community will hold a 5K Run/Walk/Bike event hosted by Army Substance Abuse Prevent (ASAP), Family Advocacy Program (FAP) and Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) on Katterbach Kaserne at the Fitness Center on 7 April at  1730 for a collaborative event amongst the agencies to bring awareness of their April Campaigns by hosting one Community Event for National Alcohol Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, National Child Abuse Prevention Month. There will be a social hour with family-friendly activities and refreshments at 1800.

USAG Ansbach Plastic Free Month 2022

Join Directorate of Public Works effort for a plastic-free Garrison and review and reduce your individual plastic consumption. As part of the Garrison’s awareness efforts, DPW EMD has organized a field trip to the Solid Waste Recycling Facility in Markt Berolzheim on 8 April from 0845 to noon. Interested community member may contact DPW EMD @ DSN 467-3424 / 3306 or 09802-83-3424 / 3306 to register. A TMP bus with 16 available spots will ferry all participants to and from the recycling facility. The meeting point for the bus is in front of the MP station (Bldg. 5843A) in Katterbach at 8:45AM. We all use disposable plastic items such as bottles, bags and takeaway containers just a few minutes because it is convenient. The major problem is, these items are made out of a material that is designed to last forever and they present a permanent pollution, as they do not decompose. For this reason, USAG Ansbach is once again hosting a Plastic Free Month (PFM) this upcoming April. For the entire month of April, the Garrison is dedicated to minimizing the plastic used across all installations and also to educate and encourage people to be more aware of their personal plastic use.

Community Egg Hunt

The Community Egg Hunt is 9 April at 1000 at the Ansbach Elementary School. Come join the fun on 9 April with music, egg hunts, egg spoon race and egg tosses. Plenty of goodies and fun to go around! Parking is limited, so if you can please walk or bike to the elementary school.

Shred Fest at Barton Barracks

The Garrison Security Division has secured Containers  –dedicated to PII and Sensitive Documents* and other Paper Trash–  positioned on the side of the Garrison Headquarters building on Barton, between B: 5253 and B: 5257. For the next three weeks until 1 April, Monday-Friday, between the hours of 0900 and 1500, a container for your documents will be unlocked and secured a pre-positioned Paper Trash container.  During the 1st week, we encourage all directorates impacted by the coming move to share this announcement with their staff, and further, to consider using this a key opportunity to bring and dump your organization’s long collected disposable office sensitive / PII documents, and other materials for an eventual FOUO shred. As the first week progresses, Garrison’s various Tenant and Supported organizations may use the containers.  Finally, during the second week, based on space availability, this offer is open to the rest of the Ansbach community’s members and residents.

Ground Rules for Shred Material Follows:

— Destruction of Papers, PII, Sensitive Documents, (can be in the form of separate sheets, or packaged in boxes)

— Entire Paper Binders allowed

— Paper Clips and Staples allowed



(*) The Contract Company used for this Shredding Active is cleared to shred sensitive documents IAW Europe EU DSGVO, certified destruction classification # 3 of DIN 66399.

Monetary Donations and Security Clearances

The Garrison Security Office has received multiple questions surrounding support to Ukraine. This list is not all inclusive of every possible scenario but represents general clarifying guidance.  Please use the below guidance, Army’s SEAD 4 (adjudicative guidelines) implementation and the Army’s 2017 incident report policy to answer questions within your Command. We also recommend coordination with other security disciplines such as the SSO and industrial security.

Reportable via DISS incident Report

  • Fighting on behalf of Ukraine or any foreign government
  • Purchase of Ukrainian war bonds or other financial/material support to the government of Ukraine

Reportable via DISS as Foreign Contact:

Housing refugees

  • Personnel should consult with their leadership, OPSEC, AT/FP, CI, OTJAG, etc.
  • Personnel should be aware of potential impacts to future assignments with certain program or intel agencies if they house refugees

Not reportable:

  • Support to Ukrainian charitable organizations

Depending on the type of support, it may also require reporting on the SF 86 when the individual requires a reinvestigation or upgrade to a higher-level background investigation. Personnel with SCI access and in special programs (i.e. SAP, presidential support, PRP) have different reporting requirements. Please consult with those program managers, as appropriate.

Speakers Series – Consul General-Munich Liston guest speaker

The first of three speakers series is 29 Mar at 1730 at the Karlshalle in downtown Ansbach. The guest speaker is U.S. Consul General Timothy Liston. The purpose of the speakers series is to discuss the importance of our collective security and the successes of our transatlantic partnership and explain why the Americans are still in Germany and Europe. Register to attend at

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