Ansbach Community Notes – June 30, 2022

SATO Office Closure

The Ansbach SATO office will be available virtually on 1 July. On that date there won’t be anyone physically in the office. However, DTS, e-mail requests and phone calls will still be handled that day.

USAG Ansbach Rocks! CYS Meet and Greet in the Park

CYS will hold meet and greets 26 July at 1100 Rocket Park and 9 August at 1100 on Bleidorn Playground. Learn about programs and services for families and paint some rocks for our rock garden.

CYS Babysitter course

CYS will hold babysitter courses July 11, 13-15,  1330-1800 and August 8, 10-12 1330-1800 at the Katterbach Youth Center Bldg 5984. Sign up in advance by calling Parent Central Services at 09802-832533. Open to ages 13 and older.

Introducing the August DoD Security Specialist Course

This DoD Security Specialist Course (SSC) is a 4-week, FREE Virtual session, scheduled to begin on August 1. Essentially, this course is designed to: give students a baseline of fundamental knowledge to perform common DoD security tasks & practices, and learn what it takes to be a Security Specialist. The training dives into the interrelationships, and disciplines related policies, programs, and procedures associated with:

  • Industrial Security,
  • Information Security,
  • Personnel Security, and
  • Physical Security

To register and attend, go to:, or Contact your Ansbach Security Team for more information.

ODNI: Office of Director of National Intelligence Classes – FREE The ODNI is currently hosting three Security courses, each are Great for Professional Development / Education / and as a service member or DA civilian, this may be added to your IDP as a Career Development initiative. These courses are presented via WEBEX or MS Teams.  No Final Exam, just fill out an end of course survey, and thereafter, receive a certificate.

Courses available include:

  • Personnel Security Adjudicator Course (PSAC)
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility Course (SCIF), and
  • Special Security Officer’s Course (SSOC)

Clearance Roles and Reporting Responsibilities Spelled out and ENFORCE

On 21 June 2022, the Army implemented and signed memorandums for the Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 3, “Reporting Requirements”, and the “Army Incident Reporting and Response Requirements”. Within the signed Army Implementation of SEAD 3 Reporting Requirements, it SPECIFIES that –

  • Derogatory information is now referred to as reportable activities.
  • All covered individuals (Army personnel in national security positions, or holding clearances), regardless of access to classified information are required to report reportable activities.
  • The memorandum codifies the minimum grade for designees.
  • If it is proven that a covered individual failed to report information about a co-worker, an “adverse” national security eligibility action may be initiated against the individual who failed to report.

Within the signed Army Incident Reporting and Response Requirements Memorandum, it SPECIFIES –

  • Guidance on incident reporting and response requirements when reportable activities are identified on individuals in national security positions.
  • Establishes / codifies reporting timelines.

For more information, See the new “See Something, Say Something” posting on the Ansbach Garrison’s Community Monitors; Contact your organization’s Security office, or Reach out to the USAG Ansbach Security Division directly at our group e-mail address:

Heat Injury Prevention

  • Heat cramps: a first sign to catch. Symptoms muscle cramps, pain, or spasms in the abdomen, arms, or legs. Move casualty to shade, loosen clothing, slowly drink at least one quart of water.
  • Heat exhaustion: catch signs early and treat. Symptoms dizziness, headache, nausea, weakness, clumsy/unsteady walk, muscle cramps. Treatment rest in shade, loosen uniform/remove head gear, ensure excess water has not been consumed, limit to 2 quarts over 1 hour period, evacuate, if no improvement in 30 minutes or if condition worsens.
  • Heat stroke: a medical emergency . Symptoms convulsions and chills, vomiting, confusion, mumbling, possibly combative, unconscious. Treatment Cool and call ASAP! Strip clothing, rapid cool (ice sheets), call for evacuation, continue cooling during evacuation.
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