Ansbach Community Notes — June 22, 2022

LRC Ansbach Closure

LRC Ansbach services will closed for a quarterly internal town hall, June 24 from 1330 to 1630. Services affected are Drivers Testing/Drivers Licenses, PPPO, TMP, Shuttle Services, IPBO, CIF and the Headquarters.

Legal Assistance Office Closures

Katterbach Legal Assistance Office will be closed 23 and 24 June (whole office) and 27 June (for Notaries and Walk-in’s). If you need to make an appointment, email or call 09802-83-2103.

Water Safety

  • Never go swimming alone or let you children swim unattended.
  • Never drink and boat. Maintain a speed that is safe for the current boating conditions and always have enough Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) for everyone on board.
  • Beware of rip currents while swimming in the ocean. Rip currents are powerful, narrow channels of fast moving water that can occur at any beach with breaking waves. For more information about rip currents, visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, How to Avoid Getting Caught in a Rip Current

Updated guidance for the Access Control Points

On 1 July the Guards scanning ID cards at the gates are going back to pre-COVID policy of handling ID cards to conduct the scan. The guards are physically inspecting ID cards to ensure they are not counterfeit or forgery’s as a part of the vetting process of allowing personnel to enter the installation. Personnel not wanting to provide the identification to be inspected for entry can be denied access.


Free soccer practice for ages 10-15

Soccer practices for ages 10-15 every Thursday at the Katterbach CDC field (next to the parking lot at Bldg 9028) from 1630-1830. No registration is required, just show up… CYS is supporting this as an outreach program by providing  equipment and field space. Please bring water, shin guards, and proper footwear.

Lithium Battery Mail Prohibition

Due to the rise in incidents involving the shipment of Lithium batteries the Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA) has ruled that all parcels containing Lithium batteries are now prohibited in inbound and outbound international mail; mail to, from, and between overseas military and diplomatic addresses. Effective immediately, all articles determined to contain Lithium batteries have been declared non-mailable and will be returned to the sender.

Fruit tree picking

Cherry season has begun and we have cherry trees on base that anyone can harvest. The kasernes have cherry, plum, apple, pear, walnut, and hazelnut trees that anyone can harvest when the fruit or nuts are ripe. A map is posted on Facebook and in the 22 June Community Notes on Ansbach Hometown Herald. Some of the trees listed on the maps may not be there so it can be like a scavenger hunt.  The trees in the Urlas housing area are too young to have fruit, so we will have to wait on them. Happy picking.

Masks required in Ansbach Army Health Clinic

Ansbach Health Clinic in Urlas has been experiencing an influx of Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members coming into the clinic without a mask. The mask mandate is not a clinic policy, but a DHA policy as well as German ordinance. Always bring a mask with you when visiting the clinic. This will not only protect everyone, but will also lower the clinic’s costs of supply purchases.

DAI Event – Putin’s War

The German-American Institute is holding an event on June 30, at 6 pm with Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, Former Allied Land Command of the United States Army Europe invites you to a discussion on the topic of: “Putin’s War: Options for NATO and the transatlantic Alliance”. The war against Ukraine has reached the stage of a war of attrition. What are the options for the alliance and Germany and the United States in particular? Aside from economic sanctions and embargoes, what are the military capabilities and strategies after more than four months of fighting to contain Putin’s imperialist efforts in Ukraine and move beyond a stalemate situation? A discussion with Sebastian Brehm (MdB-CSU) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Falke, Director of the DAI Nürnberg. The event is co-sponsored by the Hanns-Seidel Stiftung and the Europa Union. The event is at Haus Eckstein; Burgstrasse 1-3; Nurnberg. Entry is free but an online registration is necessary. Register at

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