Ansbach Community Notes — July 21, 2022

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Community Bank: Denomination Change

Effective 1 August, Community Bank will no longer accept Great British Pound 50 and 20 paper notes, only polymer. These paper notes can only be exchanged in England. Please also keep in mind that we are not accepting Great British Pound coins.

New EEO location

The Equal Employment Opportunity Office is now located at Bismarck Kaserne at:

BLDG 5843-C Room: 291 (Closest entrance to the office is the corner towards the Sadowski Theater or second floor, past the Customs Office)

DSN 587-1593

CIV: 09641-70-587-1593

Cell: 01723561504

It’s always best to make an appointment but people can stop by

COVID-19 still exists as restrictions disappear

As normalcy comes back and COVID restrictions disappear, everyone is reminded that COVID-19 still exists. If you or a family member becomes positive with COVID, it is your duty to stay home and not interact with anyone that doesn’t reside in your home, cancel any non-emergency appointments to your home or in the community until a negative test is obtained. If requesting an emergency work order in your home occurs, inform the help desk that you or a family member tested positive so the workers can take appropriate precautions. Take all precautions including the wearing of masks, washing your hands, and maintaining your distance.

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