Ansbach Community Notes — July 13, 2022

Army Professionals of the Quarter

Ms. Gerlinde Hoyle from PAO and Ms. Marie Helwig from DPW have been selected as USAG Ansbach’s Army Professionals of the Quarter for 3rd Quarter FY22.

Their work, dedication, and innovative approaches to solving problems continues to help USAG-Ansbach accomplish its current mission while growing into its future mission.

Club Beyond Schedule of Events

Driver Training and Testing Station Closed

Due to unseen circumstance the Driver Training and Testing Station will be closed on the 14 and 15 July. They will reopen on 18 July at normal business hours.

COVID-19 still exists as restrictions disappear

As normalcy comes back and COVID restrictions disappear, everyone is reminded that COVID-19 still exists. If you or a family member becomes positive with COVID, it is your duty to stay home and not interact with anyone that doesn’t reside in your home, cancel any non-emergency appointments to your home or in the community until a negative test is obtained. If requesting an emergency work order in your home occurs, inform the help desk that you or a family member tested positive so the workers can take appropriate precautions. Take all precautions including the wearing of masks, washing your hands, and maintaining your distance.

Vehicle Registration Fee Change

Vehicle Registration fees have changed, effective 1 May 2022. One year registration costs now $45. Two year registration costs now $90. The registration cost in the time tab initiated automatic email is incorrect. We are working on fixing the problem.

Vacation Bible School

USAG Ansbach Religious Services is holding Food Truck Party on a Roll with God Vacation Bible School Aug 1 – 5 from 0830-noon each day. Go to for more information and to register.

Community Bank Maintenance

The Community Bank PCs will be replaced in Ansbach and Illesheim 25 to 29 July.  This will affect our operation.

  • Illesheim: 25 July – Open from 0900 to 1200 only.
  • Ansbach:  27 July  – only 2 Teller Stations available to help clients. This might be causing longer waiting times. It is recommended for community members to plan ahead.

Electric Vehicle Charging Operations

Personnel residing in Army-Owned Housing may not plug POVs into their utility at assigned quarters, but should charge their vehicles at charging stations on the installation or at off post facilities. Government vehicles have charging priority over POVs on installations. At this time, there are no charging stations available on USAG Ansbach. All residents are required to locate charging stations off-post until such time as charging stations are available.

OHA Increases

Based on the results of the 2022 Utility Survey and the data provided for recent increases in utility costs, Active Duty Service Members residing off post and receiving Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) may see an increase in their OHA payments. The utilities rate cap has been raised from 651 Euro to 820 Euro or 169 Euro per month. What does this mean? If you are receiving OHA for Germany, the OHA utility payment will now cover the cost of your utilities up to 820 Euro per month. If your utilities are less than 651 Euro you will not see a change. If your utilities are over 651 Euro per month they will now be covered up to 820 Euro. Any amount over 820 Euro will be covered by the Service Member out of pocket. Please note that if your utilities are cover in your rent this increase will be part of the rent payment. This increase does not apply to Service Members who reside off post without OHA or any Civilian employees.

Mailing Lithium Batteries

Lithium battery devices can move though the APO system as long as they are not defective or damaged. Customs Forms must be descriptive (i.e., laptop, cell phone); terms such as electronic device will not be cleared and will be returned to sender. Item such as these will be transported though Air Mobility Command (AMC) flights and will take some time to be transfer over to USPS custody.

Temporary Fuel Ration Cards

Effective Friday 8 July, the Provost Marshal Office/MP Station will only issue fuel ration paperwork to personnel on TDY status. The hours at the MP station to do this are:




Required: ID Card, Driver License, VehReg/Rental Contract, TDY orders


Registration opens on June 15 for the Army MWR Arts and Crafts contest. The contest will go through Aug. 15. There are two divisions — accomplished and

novice — and nine categories:  Ceramics, Digital Art, Drawings, Fiber/Textile, Glass Art, Metals and Jewelry, Mixed Media, Paintings, Wood. See three attached social media ads. For more info, rules and to register visit

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