Ansbach Community Notes — August 5, 2022

Fire Safety – Extreme Weather Warning

There is a danger of wildfires in Germany at the moment, therefore here are some fire safety information. No smoking in grass area. Properly dispose of cigarettes and matches. Do not throw cigarettes out of your car. NO campfires due to high wildfire risk. Do Not BBQ on weeds or dry grass. For a lot more Fire Safety Info please contact us via email:

Ansbach Community Showcase—Welcome to Franconia!

Each year, as summer ends and the new school year is about to start, the Ansbach community comes together to explore the many local organizations, agencies and services at the annual community showcase. The showcase allows new community members, as well as residents, to receive information from each organization,  learn about new services, and receive updates for existing services, clubs and organizations. This year the showcase takes place Saturday, Aug. 20, in and around the Katterbach Fitness Center, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This year’s theme is “Welcome to Franconia,” based on the region where Ansbach is located. Show off your Franconian (or Bavarian) attire as we celebrate living in this wonderful community. The Katterbach Fitness Center provides ample space for the many different organizations of USAG Ansbach. Representatives from Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, Army Community Service, Auto Skills Center, Outdoor Recreation, Child & Youth Services, garrison agencies and private organizations, and many more will be on site.

Government Employees “Especially those with Security Clearances” have to Reporting Foreign Travels

You may ask what this has to do with Foreign Travel Reporting?  The focus is to ensure that the travel of those going to another country, continent, or heading back to America to visit friends and family ends with a safe return to Ansbach. A secondary concern is to ensure the trip had no unintended outcome possibly related to Foreign Intelligence Service influences or other targeting schemes designed to target American’s abroad.  How realistic is this possibility?  Well, if you watch the news, these days, there no longer is a normal, and the impossible becomes possible on a nightly basis. Reporting, is now a higher headquarter directed responsibility that all employed by the United States Government employees share.  For those with Clearances, it’s about National Security, and for those without, TARP applies.  Your Garrison Security Division asks that you to include the Foreign Travel Report (FTR) in your planning process.  A link to the FTR can be found on the front page (bottom middle) of the Ansbach Garrison’s Webpage (, or if you have a Smart Phone, grab an image of the QR Code from our “CampfireCatTales” or the new “See-Something-Say-Something” ads running on the Garrison monitors throughout the Ansbach community. Bring up the following link in your browser, and the copy the PDF to your computer’s desktop.  Open the PDF; fill in your travel information; take the training, and visit the recommended web links.  From there, digitally sign the FTR & forward / e-mail it to your Supervisor for their review and digital signature.


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