ALERT! Get registered in the Army’s Mass Warning Notification System

Army Materiel Command has switched its mass warning system to the new Alert! system. Alert! is a government, off-the-shelf program that sends alerts through computer networks, phone calls, emails and text messages. (U.S. Army graphic by Nicole Blanks, AMC)

ANSBACH, Germany – The ‘Alert! Mass Warning Notification System (MWNS)’ gives the chain-of-command the ability to notify you in the event of emergency. It can communicate via desktop pop-up, telephone, SMS text, and email. Ensuring your information is updated and correct will help increase notification capabilities and response times in emergency situations.

Personnel with a common access card and a “.mil” email address should verify their contact information is updated in the Alert! Mass Warning Notification System. To check, users should go to the Alert! icon at the bottom right of their work computer screen. The icon is a solid blue circle with a white exclamation point inside. Right click on it and select “Edit Contact Info” to verify that all contact information and that of dependents, if applicable, is correct.

The U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach Emergency Management team recommends adding dependents so that everyone can be in the know if an emergency were to arise. Only personnel with a common access card and a “.mil” address can access the system.

Alert! notifies service members, Army Civilians and their families during a crisis. MWNS operators, for example, can issue alerts in the event of an active shooter, inclement weather or any other event requiring immediate notification.

Your Alert! account will follow your Army career — both as a Civilian and service member overseas and in the U.S. Additionally, Alert! allows registered users to add up to 10 different phone numbers to include more family members.

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Nathan Van Schaik, USAG Bavaria, contributed to this article.
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