Updates to Army in Europe installation access control regulations now available

Courtesy of the Installation Access Control Office

ANSBACH, Germany (May 12, 2017) – The revised Army in Europe Regulation on installation access control is available now online. The new AER 190-16 is at www.eur.army.mil/aepubs.

This site also includes the most up-to-date forms for application for installation access (190-16A) and access roster request (190-16F). Those forms are dated December 2015. All previous forms are obsolete and will be returned.

Some of the changes include the following:

  • Local national visitor / sponsor privileges are now three years. Local nationals with a common access card and sponsor privileges can now sponsor individuals using an access roster.
  • Department of Defense Form 577 (DD Form 577) replaces the sponsor memo and is valid until revoked. Current sponsor memos are still valid until they expire. Renewals must be submitted as DD Form 577. Before a sponsor can be approved on the DD Form 577, they must complete the Installation Access Control System sponsor training through Army Knowledge Online to qualify (listed as “IACS-Sponsoring Official Course” under ALMS). The certificate of training must be attached to the request.

DD Form 577 can be found at www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/forms/dd/ddforms0500-0999.htm.

Army Knowledge Online can be found at www.us.army.mil.

To learn more, call IACS at 09802-83-3315 or DSN 467-3315. For Installation Access and other Directorate of Emergency Service offices, visit www.ansbach.army.mil/DirectoryD.html#DES.

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